Hello, Portland startup community! I’m Tracy Chao


As a first-time founder at the helm of Adamas Salons, Tracy embodies a unique blend of deep-seated industry insight and financial acumen. Her narrative is rooted in a first-generation American upbringing, offering a distinctive outlook on a segment that has remained largely unaddressed. Tracy’s personal mastery in nail artistry—evidenced by her dexterity in painting with her non-dominant hand (IYKYK) —parallels her intimate familial ties to the nail salon industry, with both her sister and sister-in-law being licensed professionals, and her extended family owning salons. This proximity translates into an innate grasp of the industry’s intricacies.

Stepping into the tech arena, Tracy is not only addressing but actively challenging the status quo as a female founder. She is pioneering tech solutions for the nail salon market—a space previously untapped by technological innovation. With a dedication to driving substantive progress, Tracy is steering Adamas Salons to forge connections, uplift community, and redefine industry standards. Her mission is to champion a long-awaited transformation, leveraging technology to empower nail salon professionals and redefine an entire industry.

Tracy holds an MBA, MAcc, and a graduate certificate in Information Systems, equipping her with a formidable blend of business, financial, and technological expertise. Her professional background, characterized by roles in finance and accounting, has ingrained in her the importance of sound financial stewardship for business success.

What are you up to…?

Currently, I am channeling my efforts into the growth and development of Adamas Salons, a venture dedicated to integrating advanced technology within the nail salon industry. Our goal is to streamline operations, enhance customer interactions, and empower salon owners through a comprehensive, user-friendly digital platform.

This work extends beyond mere professional interest; it’s a mission to transform a field where I have personal roots and a desire to see technology elevate both the craft and the business. On the side, I’m nurturing a passion for community-building by engaging with local salon owners, understanding their day-to-day challenges, and exploring how tech can offer viable solutions.

Why Portland?

Portland is more than just a city to me; it’s the canvas of my upbringing and the foundation upon which I’m building Adamas Salons. The vibrant entrepreneurial spirit of Portland is infectious, and its support for local businesses is unparalleled. It’s in these streets that I dreamt of creating a nexus between technology and the traditional nail salon industry.

The city’s rich culinary scene is a paradise for a foodie like myself. I’ve bookmarked countless eateries, from the food carts at Cartlandia serving up global flavors to the innovative vegan options at Blossoming Lotus. Portland’s food scene is a testament to its diversity and innovation—qualities that inspire my own business journey.

Family is at the heart of everything I do, and Portland’s array of parks and community spaces offer the perfect backdrop for cherished moments. Whether it’s a leisurely day spent at Washington Park or exploring the wonders at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry with my loved ones, these experiences are integral to my life in this city.

Portland, with its unique blend of natural beauty, urban charm, and a community that champions progress, is not just where I live; it’s a part of who I am and what I aspire to contribute to through my work and passions.


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