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If you can’t bring BlogHer to Portland, bring Portland to BlogHer

I thought—after being inspired by an OurPDX post by A L Venable—that it might be wise to round up all the Portland bloggers who are headed to BlogHer. Just so we all know.

Last year, we mounted a heartfelt yet unsuccessful attempt to woo BlogHer, the premier event for women bloggers, to Portland. While we lost due to an all-too-common Portland drawback—no hotel capable of housing all attendees—there are no hard feelings.

Really. And just to prove it, there are a whole bunch of attendees from Oregon headed to Chicago, this week. Read More

BlogHer ’09 to be held in Portland, Oregon

Well, okay. Maybe I’m jumping the gun. But BlogHer ’09 could be held in Portland. It could be, that is, if you exercise your right to vote.

Elisa Camahort writes:

I’ve heard a lot of rumbling out there wondering where BlogHer ’09 will be. Well, just like last year, we’re going to poll the community. We included the below poll in the post-conference survey for attendees, but we want to make sure those of you who didn’t attend can also weigh in.

That’s right, the premiere event for women bloggers is asking you to help choose where BlogHer will be held in July of 2009. And I can’t think of any better spot than Portland.


  1. Portland is home to a number of phenomenal women bloggers
  2. Weather in July is pretty good
  3. Portland’s a great city for hosting these kinds of events
  4. Portland is home to a bunch of brilliant women bloggers
  5. And we’ve got some really talented women bloggers here, too

So what do you have to do to make this dream a reality? Vote! Female blogger or otherwise. Vote, and let’s see if we can bring BlogHer to the Rose City next year.

(Hat tip Jeff Martens)