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CelleCast dials up Lou Dobbs

Vancouver-based CelleCast, the service that lets you listen to on-demand radio programming via your mobile phone, has announced that CNN-anchor and household-name Lou Dobbs has signed on to distribute his radio show through the service.

“Having America’s Most Influential Independent Voice as an exclusive channel in the CelleCast Network is a big boost for mobile interactive radio to flood the mainstream,” said Andrew Deal, CelleCast founder and CEO. “As a long time and extremely well respected anchor, author, and speaker Lou Dobbs joins some of America’s finest radio programs on the CelleCast system.”

CelleCast, Inc. was launched in November 2007 to bring radio and all things audio to any phone, any time, anywhere. CelleCast is building a network of programming focused on top-tier radio programs. Its current partner networks include Westwood One, Premiere Radio Networks, Advanced Media and Envision Radio Networks.

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CelleCast offers sneak preview

Vancouver-based Cellecast (yes, the Florist covers the ‘Couv), the company that allows users to access radio programming via cell phones, is offering a sneak preview of its “audio on demand” service.

After registration, using the service is as easy as dialing CelleCast’s universal access number (360-335-6000) or a phone number for a specific show.

In my nearly simian understanding of the concept, it seems very much like podcasts for traditional mobile handsets.

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CelleCast™ is cell phone radio and all things audio – on demand. CelleCast makes it easy for consumers to get control of their radio listening schedule, and offers unprecedented options in on-demand programming and interactivity with its patent-pending technology.