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Avoid falling for April Fools’ pranks by… well by falling for Urban Airship’s April Fools’ prank

Now, I’ll be honest. Me? I’m a tad more than gullible. So on days like today? I fall left and right. For pranks. For fibs. For whatever.

But for all the fun of April Fools’ Day, it’s not often that you get more than a few chuckles out of any given prank. No matter how good it is. Well, leave it to Urban Airship to change that. Read More

As the Twitter turns: Chappelle’s (no) Show Portland or Dave’s not here… wait hold the phone, yes he is

[HTML1]Now, it’s not like I haven’t fallen victim to silly Twitter rumors before. I have. Innumerable times. Guilty and guilty. But this one has to top all of the others.

[HTML3]Seems that sometime today a little Twitter rumor started that comedian Dave Chappelle was going to stage a secret show in Pioneer Square. Well, and you know. One thing led to another. And Portland does love the Twitter. And pretty soon there were thousands of people in Pioneer Square.

But the question remained: would Dave Chappelle make an appearance? Read More