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As the Twitter turns: Chappelle’s (no) Show Portland or Dave’s not here… wait hold the phone, yes he is

[HTML1]Now, it’s not like I haven’t fallen victim to silly Twitter rumors before. I have. Innumerable times. Guilty and guilty. But this one has to top all of the others.

[HTML3]Seems that sometime today a little Twitter rumor started that comedian Dave Chappelle was going to stage a secret show in Pioneer Square. Well, and you know. One thing led to another. And Portland does love the Twitter. And pretty soon there were thousands of people in Pioneer Square.

But the question remained: would Dave Chappelle make an appearance? Read More

Rumor: Goboz looking to take on CitySearch

So, we’ve already touched on the “more bars per capita” statistic, we might as well hit the “more restaurants per capita” statistic, too. As we all know, in Portland, finding somewhere to eat can be as problematic as, well, finding a happy hour.

Enter Goboz.

While there’s not much to the Goboz site at this point, a quick glance at the backend shows that they’re targeting CitySearch and Portland retail and professional services.

The code contains a bevy of keywords—including “restraunt” and “automitive”—and a table-based layout. So, other than that, I have nothing.

The site is currently slated to launch September 6, at which point I’ll bring you a full scoop. In the meantime, if someone from Goboz or their communications team wants to drop me a line to provide more details, please feel free.

(Via a tip from PDX Companies)