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If Twitter is just people talking about what they’re eating, then iAte’s real-time local restaurant reviews are sheer genius

iAte gives you local restaurant information coupled with tweets associated with the venue. So instead of everyone yammering about what they’re eating, you get a focused stream about a certain food in a certain town or about a specific restaurant.

[HTML3]You know the old (well, old in Internet time) joke. Twitter? Why would I get on Twitter? Isn’t that just people talking about what they’re eating?

Well, yeah. To some extent it is. But what if they were talking about that new restaurant where you were going to spend your anniversary—and it sucked. Or what if you were really hankering for vegan BBQ and your first choice happened to be closed? Sometimes what people are eating, where they’re eating, and what they’re tweeting can be extremely valuable.

And Portland-based iAte is gobbling that Twitter data up and serving up some very tasty results. Read More