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Sustainable Valley: Southern Oregon is wired and ready for tech growth

Southern Oregon is no stranger to high technology innovators. Now, there’s the new Sustainable Valley initiative and the emergence of a substantial, local Angel investing group: Jefferson Grapevine.

[Editor: Turns out Portland isn’t the only city seeing a surge in tech startups. Southern Oregon has its fair share of burgeoning companies, as well. Charlie McHenry provides a firsthand account of what’s happening down south.]

Southern Oregon is no stranger to high technology innovators. The software utilities segment was practically invented in the region. Central Point Software’s “PC Tools” and Paul Mace Software’s “Mace Utilities” were the earliest players in what would become a very definable segment of the software market. During the mid-90’s, the So. Oregon chapter of the Software Association of Oregon was the state’s largest. Later, the So. Oregon Telecommunications & Technology Council became a regional business power, and influenced the statewide broadband build-out. Read More

South of the Forest: Meet Oregon Investment Fund in Medford

Granted, Medford, Oregon, is more “real forest” than “Silicon Forest.” But this event seemed to be right in line with the entrepreneurial spirit of the Silicon Florist, so I thought I’d pass it along. (Besides, I’m always hoping that a few of you Rose City startups can get a slice of that $100 million of love that is the Oregon Investment Fund (OIF).)

On November 14, CreditSuisse, managers of the OIF, will be hosting “Real-world Case Studies of Emerging Companies Searching for Funding.”

Sure, Medford’s a bit of a haul. But far be it from me to keep you from a road trip.

For more information on the event, see the press release. To register, visit the Southern Oregon Regional Economic Development site.

What’s the Oregon Investment Fund? I’m glad you asked. You see, in July 2003, the Oregon State Legislature approved a mandate for the Oregon Investment Council (OIC) to design and implement a US$100 million program that encourages the growth of small businesses within the state of Oregon. To accomplish this mandate, the OIC chose to develop a fund of funds, the Oregon Investment Fund. This fund, which is capitalized by funds from the OIC, has committed capital to private equity and venture capital funds that in turn invest in companies located primarily in the state of Oregon, as well as the Pacific Northwest region. Contact www.oregoninvestmentfund.com for more information.