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Looking forward: Revant plans move into Central Eastside Industrial District

There’s definitely a feeling of a momentum shifting in the community, lately. For a time, Portland’s startup activity wasn’t in Portland, at all. It was in the suburbs. Where communities like Beaverton and Hillsboro provided space for would be juggernauts. At the turn of the century, that momentum shifted to Portland proper and—more notably—the Pearl District. Now, there’s a new center of gravity emerging around the startup community: the Central Eastside.

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Movin’ on up: Digital Trends takes up residence in Big Pink

As I mention from time to time, I’ve got this list of “I didn’t know they were in Portland” companies. Great startups and blogs that are super good, but that—for whatever reason—don’t really get the recognition they deserve as hometown efforts.

One of my favorite blogs that falls into this category is Digital Trends, an incredibly popular blog that looks at gadgets and gizmos. Super well known—but not always recognized as Silicon Forest startup. Read More

ChoiceA takes on MLS

Somewhere-near-Portland-based ChoiceA has taken on the ambitious task of creating an alternative to the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), the database upon which the world of realty is founded.

We are creating an alternative to the MLS because we think there needs to be a new model, and because we thought you should be able to list for free. We don’t walk both sides of the fence. There are hybrids and discounters, but we are a fresh start. We wiped the slate clean and started a 2nd national database – only this time it’s free and intended for the by-owner community….

The existing model was a bit monopolistic for our taste.

The undertaking, while a completely mind-boggling really-really-miniscule-David-versus-gigantic-super-size-Goliath battle, is admirable.

For more on the service, I suggest reading Marshall Kirkpatrick’s Read/Write Web post, which provides an in-depth report on the ChoiceA service and the challenges it faces.