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REMINDER: InnoTech and the SoMe Awards are Thursday. It’s not too late to attend… for free.

And every year, one of the first events out of the gates is InnoTech, the premier technology event for business folks in the Portland area.

It’s starting Portland. Our usual packed summer of tech events and camps that bring even more awesome people into town to share their ideas and concepts with the awesome people—like you—who call Portland home.

And every year, one of the first events out of the gates is InnoTech, the premier technology event for business folks in the Portland area. Thinking about going? Well you better get on that. It starts tomorrow, May 6. Read More

SoMe Awards announces social media finalists for its inaugural ceremony

Social Media AwardsThe SoMe Awards, a new award designed to recognize compelling uses of social media and outstanding campaigns, has announced the finalists for the inaugural SoMe Awards ceremony on April 23.

And the finalists are:

[UPDATE] Whoa whoa whoa. Not so fast. Hold your horses, there’s been a little recount due to some dangling chads. The list of nominees below has been retooled a tad.

Social Media Award changes


Costa Pacific Homes

House Party

Conkling, Fiskum & McCormick
Portland Trailblazers

Next big thing

TwitalyzerWeb Analytics Demystified
Grady Britton
Waggener Edstrom Worldwide – Twendz


Anvil Media John McPhee
LiP Service and Big DealPR

Sugar Daddy

StepChange Group
The New Group
Marcelino Alvarez


GoSeeTell Network
IntelBryan Rhoads
Supporting CharactersCarri Bugbee

On Thursday, April 23, one winner from each group will be selected—based on their “originality, effectiveness and creativity”—as the inaugural recipients of the award.

Cost of attendance is $15 and space is limited. No word on whether the event will be streamed.

For more on the event, visit the SoMe Awards.


SoMe Awards slated to recognize social-media-eratti April 23

Social Media AwardsHey! Wow! Look at him now! It’s Zuckerman’s famous….

Oh wait. Sorry all that talk of “some awards” and social media—and who knows probably bacon—got me in the wrong frame of mind.

Let’s get back on track, shall we? We shall.

I just heard that registration is now open for the SoMe Awards, the social media awards running in conjunction with InnoTech, this month.

What are the SoMe Awards, you ask?

The Social Media Club of Portland, SEMpdx, the Software Association of Oregon (SAO), and InnoTech have joined forces to launch “SoMe Awards: Your Social Media Awards,” an award designed to recognize “outstanding social media projects and the people who created them.”

Categories include Superstar, House Party, Next Big Thing, Scrappy, Sugar Daddy, Bloviater, and Wildcard.

The event will be held on the evening of April 23 at Candy at 904 NW Couch (for the life of me, I couldn’t find a Web site for this joint). What’s that mean? That’s right. No social media award for them.

Cost? Admission will run you $15. But that gets you two drink tickets and some stuff on which to nom.

Interested? Act fast. There’s only room to wedge 230 folks in there—and no doubt word of the event is going to be proliferated through that-there social media—so please register for the SoMe Awards ceremony as soon as you can.

Wait a sec. Who got nominated? That’s forthcoming. When I know, you’ll know.