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Planetary rethinks social media by creating a collection of communities

While the team building this startup is distributed, CEO Evan “@rabble” Henshaw-Plath spends a good deal of time in Portland. So it seemed worth a mentioning that Planetary, a new decentralized entrant in the social media realm, officially launched today.

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How a Beaverton-raised engineer helped usher in the age of blogging and social media

Tucked back away in the recesses of my brain are any number of trivial Portland startup community facts I’ve gathered over the past two decades. One of those tidbits — for which I rarely have use — is the fact that Brad Fitzpatrick, the creator of the iconic LiveJournal — arguably one of the earliest and most popular harbingers of the modern social media world — grew up in Beaverton and attended Aloha High School.

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Meet locally, win globally: Social media focused SoMe Awards expands program to include SoMe Forum

Now in its sixth year, the SoMe Awards—one of the premier events recognizing social media efforts—has expanded its Portland-based event to include both a little education and a little entertainment for the social media minded. The 2014 SoMe Awards includes the SoMe Forum, an afternoon of discussions with social media thought leaders. Read More

What do you want… a medal? Oh. Well then consider submitting your social media company or project for the SoMe Awards

I know, I know. Many of you slog through the inhumane trenches of social media. Day in and day out. Unrecognized and unheralded. All but ignored. But the folks at the SoMe Awards—a celebration of the most outstanding efforts in social media—are on your side. And they want you to win. Read More

One’s a crowd: Portland’s Crowd Factory acquired by Marketo

You may not have heard of Crowd Factory, a Portland startup focused on social media campaign management, but I’m sure you’ve heard of their clients. They’re working with companies like HBO, Coors, Sony, PR Newswire, and Jive.

And with a list of clients like that, it isn’t surprising to report that Crowd Factory has been acquired. Read More

Jive Software is in a (deeper) relationship with Facebook ♥

You know Jive Software, right? The still pretty much a Portland company that leads the whole social business software market? Well, leaders need to keep moving. And as such, Jive is getting even more social.

This morning, Jive unveiled a Facebook connector that allows businesses to better manage their external Jive network and their Facebook presence—all from within Jive. Read More

Looming deadlines: #140Conf NW speakers and 2011 Social Media “SoMe” Awards

It’s okay. I know you’ve been busy. But let’s face it, you’re awesome. And people need to experience that awesomeness. And there are two very good venues for your share that awesomeness. But you have to act fast.

You see, deadlines are rapidly approaching for both #140Conf NW and the 2011 Social Media “SoMe” Awards. Read More