Where to find me, if you want

For a time, it seemed that much of the social activity on the Web was starting to aggregate around a few spots. For me, it used to be Twitter. But that time has passed. Now, the social Web seems to be going through an evolution of sorts, experiencing fragmentation similar to its earliest days — which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It just can be hard to figure out who is where. So I thought I’d share some links where you can find me, depending on which social platform(s) you prefer.

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Caroline Cummings to transfer leadership of RAIN in March 2024

RAIN Catalysts, which began its life as a Eugene-focused startup accelerator, has grown to be a tangible presence in rural entrepreneurship throughout the state of Oregon. And an example to be emulated by other states seeking to engage with rural entrepreneurs. Much of that driven by the work of CEO Caroline Cummings, a former founder who understands — all to well — the challenges of starting something new. Now, she’s planning something new: a new leader for RAIN.

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Deep diving into DAK Catalog

I love that some folks still take the time to blog about stuff. And I always love it when Cabel Sasser — one of the cofounders of local software and game shop Panic — geeks out on something. I mean, who could forget his voyage to the depths of the Pittock Block to explore the major Internet hub that lies beneath Portland, Oregon? Not me. That’s who. So imagine my excitement when I found out that Cabel was geeking out about DAK Catalog.

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