Portland Startups Slack has more than 6500 users — but they’re mostly lurkers or inactive

Bigger isn’t always better. Especially when it comes to community. And creating strong connections between individuals. So when I noticed that the Portland Startups Slack — a public Slack instances designed to facilitate connections among folks in the Portland, Oregon, startup community — currently had more than 6500 users on the platform, I had mixed emotions. Especially with the recent uptick in new folks joining the Slack.

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A VC perspective on the current state of early stage venture capital

Interested in hot takes on a hot mess? It’s getting to be that time of year. Where we look back on the year and try to assess the current — and future — state of any number of industries. And if you’re a founder or investor interested in that sort of review of the current state of early stage venture capital, Sam Lessin of Slow Ventures is happy to oblige. And it’s a great read.

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Cloud Four looks to crowdsource some positioning

For those folks newer to the Portland startup community, Cloud Four might not be a familiar name. But back in the day, they were excellent stewards of the community and a critical asset in the mobile development movement around here.

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Hello, Portland startup community! I’m Zhou Fang


Zhou Fang is the founder and principal practitioner of Intersectional Group LLC, a leadership and equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) consulting practice with a focus on intersectionality, empathy and compassion, as well as curiosity.

Zhou is an advocate for pay transparency and equity, immigration reform and climate justice, as well as a committed ally for the LGBTQ+ and Indigenous communities.

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Local Y Combinator alum Streamdal trending on Product Hunt

With so many distributed teams, it’s really difficult to define a “Portland startup” these days. But if a cofounder lives here, then I’m going to call it “local.” Such is the case with Streamdal, a startup whose cofounder and CTO calls Portland home. And somewhere else they’re calling home today is Product Hunt. Where they’ve been in the top 10 trending startups all day.

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