Curious about Techstars? Learn how these Techstars alums got selected

For many startup founders, a startup accelerator can provide the support and insights they need to take their startups to the next level. But first, you have to get in. And the competition to do so is fierce. So if you’re considering applying to take part in one of the Techstars startup accelerator programs, you owe it to yourself to learn as much as you can about what that takes. That’s why the Startup Your Startup Meetup group is hosting, “How I Got Into Techstars, What Worked, What Didn’t.”

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Interested in ChatGPT and startups? The aptly named Startup ChatGPT may be just what you’re looking for

It’s no secret. I’m always excited when Portland gets excited about technology. Especially when everyone seems to be excited about the same type of technology. You know, like the Web. Or when we got really into Mobile. And these days, I’m feeling that same sense of excitement and curiosity around AI. And ChatGPT in particular.

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Who won the Oregon Technology Awards, this year?

I have to admit that, after the last three years, I’m feeling pretty out of the loop on the broader technology scene here in Portland and Oregon. I’m much more closely tracking early-stage startups in software, hardware, and consumer products. Often before they’ve established much of a presence. So it’s always nice to have a reference point like the Oregon Technology Awards.

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Who are your favorite founders in Portland making a positive impact on the world and our startup community…?

Oh. And I guess VCs and Angels, too. If you’re still on Twitter, please chime in. If you’re not Twitter, please feel free to comment below and I’ll share them with Zécca.

TiE Women 2023 applications are open

If you identify as a woman and you’re the founder of a startup, TiE Oregon is offering you the opportunity to share what you’re building with the world. Literally. TiE Women 2023 provides participants with the potential of appearing on the TiE Global stage with other women-founded startups from around the world. But to be considered, you have to apply.

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Interim no longer: Paige Hendrix Buckner is officially CEO of All Raise

A few months back, I shared that Portland’s Paige Hendrix Buckner had been named the interim CEO of All Raise, an organization focused on ensuring prosperity for all women, with a specific focus on how that applies to startups and venture capital financing. Well, now it’s official. Paige is the CEO of All Raise.

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