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Future of 1 Million Cups Portland, A resignation and apology

[Editor: Meetup groups shut down all of the time. That’s not newsworthy. What’s worth your time is reading about why the Portland 1 Million Cups Meetup is shutting down. And then decide what we can do to prevent this from happening again. The following was sent to the group by lead organizer, Dayna Reed. Reposted with permission.]

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Switching it up: 1 Million Cups Portland changes format to better serve community

Of the many things I love about the Portland startup community, one of my favorite things is how we’re more than willing to try models that have worked in other places. But if that model doesn’t work for us? We’ll switch it up. Which is exactly what’s happening with 1 Million Cups Portland.

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Formalizing your coffee consumption: Portland startups now have their own 1 Million Cups

Like many tech outposts, the Portland startup scene is driven by a great deal of caffeine. Lots and lots of coffee. And meetings. And since that’s the idea that originally inspired the formation of 1 Million Cups, it only makes sense that that idea has finally managed to travel our way. Read More