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REMINDER: If you’re working on a startup, PIE applications close August 18, 2019

It’s summer. So sometimes, it’s more difficult to keep track of schedules. And deadlines. Which is why I wanted to make sure to take a moment to remind you that you’ve got an application due on August 18, 2019. I mean, if you’re building a startup, that is. And if you’d like some support and mentorship around that effort.

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For startups, Portland Seed Fund closing is a very good thing

In some industries, the idea of “closing” can be the worst possible outcome. But in the world of startups, closing is often a very good thing. And the latest news from the Portland Seed Fund is no different. The Portland Business Journal just revealed that PSF has just closed their third fund to the tune of $13.9 million.

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MioWorks closes doors but leaves with valuable startup lessons in hand

David Abramowski the former CEO of MioWorks has shared some tips from what he learned, in the hopes that other entrepreneurs and startups don’t make similar mistakes.

It’s unfortunate to see Portland and Silicon Forest startups suffer shutdowns, be it at the hands of the economy or otherwise. But on the upside, it’s alway good to see the execs taking lessons away from their efforts. And even better when they share them with the rest of us.

Mike Berkley provided some insights he learned after SplashCast shut down. And now, with the the shuttering of MioWorks—a people-centric project and customer relationship management app that also happened to speak Spanish—David Abramowski the former CEO of MioWorks has shared some tips based on what he learned during the journey, in the hopes that other entrepreneurs don’t make similar mistakes. Read More