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For the whom the fail tolls: Getting real about the emotional impact of startup failure on founders

Throughout the multiple decades I’m spent in the startup world, the idea of starting your own company has moved from obscurity to a cornerstone of popular culture — and modern day entertainment. But there is one thing — for those in the thick of it — that hasn’t changed: starting a company is incredibly difficult. And emotionally draining. But that’s not something that’s often part of the pop culture conversation.

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Silver lining: Portland post mortems on startup failures provide guidance to would be founders

In the world of startups, you always hear about “embracing failure.” That you need to be prepared. That your company may fail. That the vast majority of startup pursuits do. But being prepared—or at least thinking you’re prepared—doesn’t make it any easier. I get that. And that’s why I’m always appreciative when founders take the time to share what they’ve learned. Read More

Wisdom isn't always about winning: You can't recreate the same success. But you can avoid the same mistakes.

Serial entrepreneur and all-around awesome guy Kyle Kesterson of Freak’n Genius wrote a great piece for GeekWire today about sharing true experiences with your startup peers. Not about “Killing it!” or “Everything’s awesome!” But truly sharing what’s happening with your company. Read More