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Guest post: The Portland startup community is failing. Good.

Editor: Darius Monsef is a serial founder who has wrestled with the challenges of the Portland startup community, off and on, for nearing two decades. His first company, COLOURlovers, went through Y Combinator and merged with Creative Market before being acquired by Autodesk. He cofounded Sightbox which went on to be acquired by Johnson & Johnson. His latest pursuit is Brave Care, another Y Combinator alum that is rethinking the delivery of pediatric care.

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For the whom the fail tolls: Getting real about the emotional impact of startup failure on founders

Throughout the multiple decades I’m spent in the startup world, the idea of starting your own company has moved from obscurity to a cornerstone of popular culture — and modern day entertainment. But there is one thing — for those in the thick of it — that hasn’t changed: starting a company is incredibly difficult. And emotionally draining. But that’s not something that’s often part of the pop culture conversation.

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It never fails: Time for another rendition of Fail Talks at FailPDX.

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times. But I keep saying it because I believe it. You can learn far more from stories of failure than you can from stories of success. And nowhere is that more true than the wonderful world of startups. That’s why I’m really happy to hear that FailPDX is back with a new rendition of Fail Talks.

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