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Seeing Zebras in our immediate future

As someone who works to build community—and is, at best, mediocre at it—I’ve been super impressed, inspired, and astounded by the Zebra Movement, as one of those striking a chord movements that provides a space to collaborate with a likeminded community. And now, to continue their momentum, they’ve partnered with Institute for the Future.

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If you had the opportunity to rethink a school campus, what would you do? St. Mary's Academy begins discussions about their expansion

It’s an interesting time in education. Models are changing. New ways of learning are being developed. And technology is impacting the learning environment as never before. So if you had the opportunity to start from scratch with a new building designed to educate high school girls—and it was smack dab in the core of Portland—what would you do? That’s the very question St. Mary’s Academy is asking. And you’re invited to join in the conversation. Read More

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