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Miss your chance to wield an axe in a Portland Timbers photo? Play in a Timbers game instead

So you’ve been wearing a bit of a sourpuss ever since you realized that you missed out on the opportunity to have a really cool avatar thanks to the Portland Timbers crowdsourced photo campaign. I get it. It hurts. You’re all Rose City ’til you die and stuff.

Well, turn that frown upside down, my little Timbers Army faithful. Because you now have a chance to wield an axe in a Portland Timbers game. Read More

Need another addicting game for your iPhone or iPad? Look no further than Portland’s own Ramps

[HTML3]So the gift giving has subsided. You’ve finished all of Angry Birds and Angry Birds Seasons. And you’re looking for something else to fill your time. Or maybe you’ve got a new iPhone or iPad and you’re tired of the whole tabula rasa thing.

Well look no further than Portland mobile development my friends. Your latest game addiction awaits. Introducing Ramps, a new game from Tyler Sticka and Tim Sears. Read More

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