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Rose City (Tetris) 'Til I Die

The Portland Timbers are no strangers to the world of video games. I mean, they had that little game where Timber Joey bravely lopped of the heads of encroaching Seattle Flounders. But now, the Timbers Army is getting their own treatment, inspired by something for which the Army is well known—one of its chants. Read More

Rose City ‘Til you Die (RCTID)? Meridian makes sure that death won’t be from the lack of chants, beverages, or facilities

The Northwest Major League Soccer fans, they love their technology and their startups. It’s something John Cook of Geekwire in Seattle has mentioned a number of times with regards to the Sounders fans. And the Timbers Army? They’re no different.

In fact, the Portland Timbers are so techie, they offer not one, but two mobile apps now. And the latest instantiation—the Timbers’ JELD-WEN Field in Meridian—offers a ton of interesting and useful information. Read More

Portland Timbers vs Seattle Sounders: Be expecting a guest post on Portland from Geekwire’s John Cook, next week

You know the Portland Timbers Army and the Portland tech scene go together like… um… like… Well they go together. Really well. And as luck would have it, the same thing holds true for Seattle. Their tech scene is pretty deeply immersed in the Seattle Sounders Emerald City Supporters too.

Well, respective tech scenes. Your favorite teams are facing off this weekend. That’s right. Portland Timbers versus the Seattle Sounders. And it’s a big game. So big that it’s in the Wall Street Journal. Read More

Miss your chance to wield an axe in a Portland Timbers photo? Play in a Timbers game instead

So you’ve been wearing a bit of a sourpuss ever since you realized that you missed out on the opportunity to have a really cool avatar thanks to the Portland Timbers crowdsourced photo campaign. I get it. It hurts. You’re all Rose City ’til you die and stuff.

Well, turn that frown upside down, my little Timbers Army faithful. Because you now have a chance to wield an axe in a Portland Timbers game. Read More

Rose City ‘Til I Die: Portland Timbers’ Flickr photostream crowdsources PDX’s love of soccer

Now, those images of true Portland Timbers’ fans are available on the Timbers’ Flickr photostream.

[HTML2]Portland is a town of many loves. There are the obvious ones. The coffee. The beer. The food. The books. And the technology. But some folks outside the town might not be as well phrased in one of the most well-loved sports in the city: soccer. Or to be more specific: The Portland Timbers.

When billboards of “Timbers fans” began popping up all over town, there were any number of “I could do that” claims from locals. Well, the Timbers heard those claims too. And they took the opportunity to ask their fans to do just that. Now, those images of true Portland Timbers’ fans are available on the Timbers’ Flickr photostream. Read More

Looking for the largest English-language World Cup soccer blog? Look no further than Portland. Well, and just a bit north.

But did you know that Portland also combines that love of soccer and love of blogging to be the home of the largest English-language World Cup soccer blog?

Now everyone knows that people in the Portland metropolitan area love the soccer. You know, the whole futbol thing? Timbers Army and whatnot? And we all know that the greater Portland area is big into the whole blogging thing.

But did you know that Portland’s neighbor to the north—Vancouver, Washington—combines that love of soccer and love of blogging? And that in so doing, it’s the home of the largest English-language World Cup soccer blog—thanks to the folks at Vancouver-based BootsNAll Travel Network. Read More

memePDX: An old school text edition of the show for your Kindle or something

Well, it’s Thursday again. But unfortunately, due to scheduling and health, memePDX didn’t make it into the can this week. These things happen. The world is an imperfect place. Screws fall out all of the time.

But there, there, little camper. We’ve still got something for you. You see, we still did show prep. So we’ve got the stories. And that’s why I’m going to give you what Cami Kaos (@camikaos) and I (@turoczy) would have covered this week if we’d had a show. Read More

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