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Do or Donut.js. There is no try.

What if there were an awesome new JavaScript gathering? One that had interesting speakers, opportunities to meet other JavaScript types… and donuts? And what if all proceeds from the event went to a deserving charity? What? That sounds way too amazing. Well, get ready to be amazed. By Donut.js. Read More

Peeking in on a Portland User Group: Portland JavaScript Admirers

When I first started Silicon Florist, I was hoping to shine some light on startups and events that might not be getting the attention they so richly deserved. I don’t know that I’ve succeeded. But I feel like I’ve at least made a dent.

Now, I’d like to make the same attempt with another under-served and under-recognized population: Portland’s rich and varied user group scene. I mean, there’s a ton of great stuff happening in our user groups. But—unless you’re at every single user group meeting—you can’t really get a feel for just how awesome it is. Read More

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