Simplifying React: Divjoy 2.0 is now available

I don’t know about you. But to me, this year is already feeling rough. And building up a head of steam — let alone momentum — has been incredibly challenging thus far. But I’m happy to report, that entrepreneurs are managing to do it. To build things. And to launch stuff. Like Divjoy 2.0, which is trending on Product Hunt today.

What’s Divjoy do? It makes standing up React projects faster and easier.

Divjoy sets you up with an entire React codebase and UI in minutes. You save yourself a month of development time and can get right to work on the features that make your web app unique.

So if you’re working in React, take a moment to check out Divjoy. And if you happen to have an upvote laying around, consider using it on Product Hunt.

[Full disclosure: Divjoy is part of the current class of PIE. I am the cofounder and general manager of PIE.]