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Last day of May will be cloudy: Jeff Barr, Amazon Web Services chief evangelist, stops by Portland on Friday

Spring is a good time for road trips. And that’s just what Jeff Barr—Chief Evangelist for Amazon Web Services—has been doing for the past few weeks. Roadtripping from town to town. Chatting about AWS. On Friday, he stops in Portland. Read More

Testify! Amazon Web Services evangelist Jeff Barr swings by the Portland AWS users group tonight

From the better late than never file, I wanted to give you a heads up on the Portland AWS group tonight, hosted by Janrain. If you have any interest in Amazon Web Services, whatsoever, tonight would be a good night to attend. You see, the chief services evangelist for AWS is in town. And he’ll be there.

So head on over to Janrain at 6 PM tonight to chat with him. Read More

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