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We’ll still be here waiting backstage, Backstage

Well, at least we’re consistent. We never managed to get Google Fiber. Even though we submitted an RFP, we weren’t even really in the running for Amazon HQ2. And now, we just missed being the fourth location for the Backstage Capital Accelerator.

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Alexa, how can I learn more about developing solutions for you?

If you haven’t talked to voice activated artificial intelligence by now, I’d be kinda surprised. You’ve got Siri, Alexa, Cortana… they’re all over the place. And always listening. But let’s be honest… they don’t always do what you want them to do. So if you’ve got an idea on how they could be better but you feel like you could use some guidance, you might be interested in Alexa Dev Day in Portland.

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Interested in thumbing through a variety of Amazon HQ2 proposals?

Setting aside any opinions you may have about Amazon or the way communities are falling all over themselves chasing the opportunity to be the second headquarters for them, you have to admit that this whole RFP process has been interesting to watch—and likely historic, in nature. That’s why Portland startup Reflect is working to make the content generated by Amazon HQ2 effort more accessible.

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Did AWS Device Farm sound familiar? That's because Amazon acquired Portland startup AppThwack to build it

Last week, the Web was all abuzz with this nifty new mobile testing environment from Amazon called AWS Device Farm. Folks were waxing philosophic about the magic of being able to test their mobile apps on real physical devices. And we, here in Portland, were sort of scratching our heads. Wasn’t this what AppThwack does? Well, yes. And yes. You see AWS Device Farm is AppThwack. Read More

Last day of May will be cloudy: Jeff Barr, Amazon Web Services chief evangelist, stops by Portland on Friday

Spring is a good time for road trips. And that’s just what Jeff Barr—Chief Evangelist for Amazon Web Services—has been doing for the past few weeks. Roadtripping from town to town. Chatting about AWS. On Friday, he stops in Portland. Read More

REMINDER: Mobile Portland heads to Ziba for a chat with Amazon about the Appstore

Sorry for the tardy reminder, but I wanted to make sure that you were aware that Mobile Portland will be held tonight. Also of note, instead of Urban Airship hosting, Ziba will be providing the venue, this time. Read More

Testify! Amazon Web Services evangelist Jeff Barr swings by the Portland AWS users group tonight

From the better late than never file, I wanted to give you a heads up on the Portland AWS group tonight, hosted by Janrain. If you have any interest in Amazon Web Services, whatsoever, tonight would be a good night to attend. You see, the chief services evangelist for AWS is in town. And he’ll be there.

So head on over to Janrain at 6 PM tonight to chat with him. Read More

There’s a whole bunch of Portland magic in that little Amazon Gold Box on your iPhone

That’s right. Bringing the magic of the Amazon Gold Box to the iPhone was none other than Portland iPhone agency Small Society.

Yesterday, you might have heard that that little bookstore to the north of us released an iPhone app for Amazon Deals. What you may not know is that—de facto hub of mobile development that it is—Portland played a role in bringing that iPhone app to fruition.

That’s right. Bringing the magic of the Amazon Gold Box to the iPhone was none other than Portland iPhone agency Small Society. Read More

Building your startup using Amazon Web Services? Would $100,000 in prizes help?

For startups, finding the most cost-effective means of building and distributing your product can be the difference between life and death. That’s why using the Web has been such a benefit to small startups. As have Web services—like Amazon Web Services (AWS)—that allow those startups to get big time functionality for a fraction of the cost of maintaining their own infrastructure.

But no matter how efficient the startup, a little extra cash can always help. So if you’ve built something interesting on AWS, consider throwing your hat in the ring to win the Amazon Web Services Start-up Challenge. Read More

Amazon acquires Portland-based Lexcycle makers of iPhone ebook app Stanza

You never know. There might be something to this whole iPhone thing and Portland.

Today, Portland-based Lexcycle was acquired by a little bookstore up in Seattle called Amazon.

“We are excited to join forces with a company that has innovated on behalf of readers for over a decade and is a pioneer in ebooks,” the company stated in a blog post. “Like Amazon, we believe there is a lot of innovation ahead for ebooks and we could not think of a better company to join during this exciting time.” Read More

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