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Two of Willamette Week’s “31 reasons to love Portland” are startup focused

There are any number of reasons to love Portland. But it’s rare to see anything startups making the citywide lists. That’s why it was nice to see Willamette Week highlighting a couple of interesting reasons to love the Portland startup community.

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A Tweetstorm about venture capital, racism, technology, money, and love

Used to be, back in the day, folks would blog. And sometimes, I’d take a snippet of those amazing blog posts and try to raise the volume a little bit. By posting on my own blog. But that doesn’t happen as much these days. Or when it does, it tends to happen on platforms that have their own volume mechanisms. But Portland founder Mara Zepeda just wrote something that I wanted to make sure that you saw. And so I’m trying to raise the volume a bit. Like we used to. Read More

Love Instagram for iPhone photography? Well, here’s another reason to love it, Portland

You know Instagram, that wickedly popular photography app for the iPhone? Yeah, well they’ve got a Portland connection too. Meet Josh Riedel, community manager for Instagram.

[HTML3]Now for as much as I love the Portland startup scene and all of our homegrown goodness, I have to admit that I take a certain pleasure in the random Portland connections to other popular Web stuff. Like the fact that the creator of LiveJournal went to high school in Aloha. Or that ReadWriteWeb employs a good chunk of Portlanders. Or that the community manager for Vimeo lives here.

Well, here’s another one to add to the list. You know Instagram, that wickedly popular photo app for the iPhone? Yeah, well they’ve got a Portland connection too. Read More

GovHub: Portland’s open source and open government love child could be destined to help all open government entities

For all the talk of “open data” and “open government,” there are very few centralized resources that help provide folks with a one stop shop for finding information about these resources and entities.

But all of that may change thanks to the efforts of some Portland folks. Introducing GovHub, a new site for open source and open government collaboration. Read More

I love “Hello. I love you.”

Everyone could use a little more love. People in Portland. People in Oregon. People the world over. And more love is exactly what the creators of COLOURlovers and FriendsCall.Me are hoping to share with their latest project, Portland-based Hello. I love you.

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