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Yo Dre! I got something to say: Portland's Dave Allen joins Beats Music

I always like it when Portland talent gets a larger stage to showcase their expertise. And Dave Allen just got a pretty big stage. You see, Dave has just joined Beats Music, the startup by musicians, for musicians. That’s looking to change the world of streaming music. Read More

AppFog founder provides sage advice: How do I cope with startup envy?

If you’re even remotely associated with the startup scene, you know it’s competitive. Even in a community as collaborative as the Portland startup scene. And even if it’s not outward pressure, founders can put a lot of pressure on themselves. And compare their progress to that of their peers—or their perceived peers. Read More

The Startup Saloon and other stories of PHP Fog from Lucas Carlson

[Editor: Another day, another guest post. Matt Riopelle from Corvallis-ish Fixel was recently in town to attend a Continuous Web Portland Meetup featuring Lucas Carlson of PHP Fog. Matt was kind enough to capture some of his observations and insights to share with Silicon Florist readers like you. I know right? Great way to start a Thursday.] Read More

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