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Meet the Startup: Catching up with Brandlive

If you’re considering pitching Portland Seed Fund, this week, it might be good to do your homework. And I’m happy to help. Recently, Meet the Startup caught up with PSF alum and Oregon Angel Fund portfolio company Brandlive. Read More

Meet the Startup: Getting the rundown on eROI and the Why Project

Even companies that have been around for a decade started as startups. And their founders have great insights into what it takes to be an entrepreneur—both ups and downs. Such is the case with Ryan Buchanan who cofounded eROI more than 10 years ago. Read More

Meet the Startup: Getting the vision behind On The Go Platforms

While still a nascent industry, wearable computing is definitely gaining momentum. And Portland startup On The Go Platforms is way ahead of the curve. The Portland Seed Fund alum and Startup PDX: Challenge winner is working to create “killer applications for smart glasses.” Read More

Meet the Startup: Getting connected with DongleKong

We’ve all been there. A big beautiful presentation with awesome last minute tweaks, and you’re walking into a new presentation environment with just your laptop. You step up to the projector only to discover you don’t have the connectivity you need to get that beautiful presentation on the wall. Well, with DongleKong? That nightmare completely goes away. Read More

Meet the Startup: Getting the blah blah on Blab

I don’t know that it’s been officially tallied, but my straw poll says that Portland is the regional office capital of the US. But we love all of our startups, headquarters or offices. And so we thought we’d talk the opportunity to chat with Blab. Read More

Meet the Startup: Illuminating the Pacific Light Technologies story

At Meet the Startup, we’ve always had the idea that the show could expand beyond the amazing Web and Mobile startups here in town to other awesome startups. No matter what their focus. This week, we expand our coverage a bit—but still stay within tech—by chatting with Pacific Light Technologies. Read More

Meet the Startup: Getting the profile on Janrain

One of the more successful and established—and yet unintentionally quiet—startups here in town is Janrain. Good news, they’re opening up a bit more on Meet the Startup. Hear from VP of Marketing Bill Piwonka on the company, its history, and where the name originated. Read More

Meet the Startup: Getting on board with GlobeSherpa

Startups often have a big vision—a big problem they’re going to solve. But when it comes to Portland Seed Fund alum GlobeSherpa, their vision is a doozy. They’re on a mission to fix ticketing for public transit and parking. Like everywhere. But they’ve started with TriMet ticketing right here in Portland. Read More

Meet the Startup: Getting the full picture on Favery

Oopie. When I wrote up Favery yesterday, I totally spaced that they were the Meet the Startup interview this week. But let’s be honest, the founder of the company can tell the story far better than I can. So let’s sit down with Anne Nichols, CEO of Favery, to get to full story. Read More

Newly elected Portland mayor Charlie Hales on the Portland startup scene

There’s a new mayor in town. And while you may not have had the opportunity to meet him during the campaign, it seems now would be a very opportune time for getting to know Charlie Hales and his views on Portland’s startup scene. And a good day for a Meet the Startup rerun. Read More

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