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Sad news: OpenSourcery releases some talented employees into the wild

I’d been hearing some rumors about Portland-based OpenSourcery a popular open source development shop with a proclivity for Drupal projects and a burgeoning application development arm having to make some cuts. And, unfortunately, after confirming with CEO Brian Jamison, I’m sad to report that the rumors are true.

I’d been hearing some rumors about Portland-based OpenSourcery—a popular open source development shop with a proclivity for Drupal projects and a burgeoning application development arm—having to make some cuts. And, unfortunately, after confirming with CEO Brian Jamison, I’m sad to report that the rumors are true. Read More

OpenSourcery Lunch 2.0 Recap

Update: Thomas collected some shots of the lunch. This one of Rick pointing, presumably at the bus as it bears down on him, is a hoot. Thanks Thomas.

OpenSourcey graciously opened the doors of its newish office yesterday to about 150 people for the 12th iteration of Portland Lunch 2.0.

Thomas King handled the hosting duties for OpenSourcery. Their open workspace was perfect for a large crowd, mingling and eating. I heard from several people that this was a really good event, and we’re on a roll because I heard the same thing after AboutUs last month. Large open spaces seem to be very conducive to fluid chatting.

Or maybe the format is evolving.

Nah, it was pretty much the same formula. Thomas did his welcome opening. I stumbled through the brief schedule of upcoming events; I’ve given up on explaining what Lunch 2.0 is, which is for the best. We are putting a Portland stamp on it after all.

Then, I got to throw Rick under the bus, a recurring meme, to talk about our pet project, the Open Source Bridge conference. Then back to Thomas for the unveiling of an OpenSourcery project, CLOVE. David Abramowski, our host for the next Lunch 2.0 on April 8, summarized it nicely:

Opensourcery (our excellent hosts for today’s event – a big thank you to them) told us about a new application they wrote called “CLOVE”. This application is planned to be made available under the GPL open source license. From the really short demo, it appears that the application helps you understand if you are giving your clients the love they deserve. (that was a paraphrase from the demo-dude) Although not ready just yet, Opensourcery will provide links to the application once it is out there for everyone to use. I’ll make an update when that information becomes available. It does however look like a rather interesting way to keep track of all that pesky email that it takes to keep a business relationship moving forward.

Finally, Bryce Yonker from the Software Association of Oregon (SAO) talked about the new healthcare program they are offering members for any size company, even single person shops.

A lot of good information, crammed into a short amount of time, and then, we were back to mixing and mingling. Everyone seemed to have a good time, at least, Twitter search for “lunch 2.0” said so. Apparently, the leftovers were donated to a soup kitchen too. Good on ya OpenSourcery!

Unfortunately, a large crowd is not so conducive to writing code; some of OpenSoucery’s developers bailed to find nearby wi-fi spots to GSD. Sorry to displace you all, and thanks for letting us take over your workspace.

Among those not in attendance was Amye Scavarda of OpenSourcery, who helped plan the event. She was home sick. Get better soon, and thanks for helping put on the lunch.

I’d love to share pictures of the gathering, and I know they’re out there. There were a bunch of people shooting stills and video, but alas, my tweet for help garnered nada. I think everyone is either off to SxSW or on some other mission. Twitter has been a bit quiet today.

Don’t forget these Lunch 2.0s, coming soon:

  • April 8 hosted by MioWorks at the Green Dragon
  • April 22 at TechShop Portland in Beaverton
  • May 20 hosted by WebVisions at the Oregon Convention Center

Big thanks to all the hosts who have hosted or plan to host Lunch 2.0. Drop a comment (or tweet @jkuramot) if you want information about hosting one. It’s easy.


Big day for Open Source Bridge

Open Source BridgeThe word of the day for the Open Source Bridge team? Serendipity. Or maybe serendipitous.

Either way, it was quite an interesting day for the volunteers working to bring an open source conference to fruition here in Portland in June.

We were excited to get a mention from Dawn Foster in Web Worker Daily as she interviewed Audrey Eschright on community organized conferences:

I’ve worked on FOSCON (a free Ruby event that took place during OSCON in previous years), BarCamp Portland, Ignite Portland, WhereCamp Portland, and now Open Source Bridge. The camps (unconferences) were all quite similar to each other to organize, but Open Source Bridge is much bigger than anything else I’ve worked on. There’s a lot of extra planning involved in doing a 1,000-person conference compared to a 300 person BarCamp. You can pull off an unconference in a short period of time, with fairly limited resources, but a big conference requires more structure.

Then the folks at OpenSourcery were kind enough to give us a few minutes to talk about the conference during a packed Lunch 2.0. Unfortunately for me, Jake Kuramoto successfully threw me under the bus again, much like Seattle Lunch 2.0.

Then, little did we know that, while we were enjoying OpenSourcery’s hospitality, something incredibly—well serendipitous—was happening at the same time.

Dave Winer tweeted:

Dave Winer on OSCON alternate

And then he found Open Source Bridge. And then he wrote a post called “An Alternate OSCON?” offering:

Then someone sent me a pointer to http://opensourcebridge.org/ which is in Portland on June 17-19. Now I have an incentive to see if people want to go there. San Jose is closer to Berkeley, so I’d rather go there, but a really open OSCON would be something that’s worth supporting. There are other new projects that don’t have space at OSCON, so maybe we could all get together in Portland and see what happens.

(If you’re not familiar with Dave Winer, you should be. According to Wikipedia, he is “generally credited with the exposition of RSS as ‘Really Simple Syndication,’ now a world-wide phenomenon, and the first to implement the feed ‘enclosure‘ feature, one of several necessary ingredients for podcasting at the time it first emerged.”)

Whoof. That’s a big unplanned day of serendipity.

It’s incredibly gratifying to see the momentum continue to build for this entirely volunteer run conference. It’s good for Portland. And it’s good for the open source community.

If you’re interested in helping bring open source citizens to Portland in June, we’d love to have your help.


Opensourcery Lunch 2.0 is Wednesday

It’s been a while since it was announced and a lot has happened since then, but Lunch 2.0 at Opensourcery is finally upon us.

It’s this Wednesday, March 11 from 12-2 at their relatively new digs at 1636 NW Lovejoy Streeet. Look for this sweet plaque.

Image from Thomas King

The last time I was there, they were putting the finishing touches on a conference room, and I think that may all be done by now. So, come on, come all and chow down with us. Just please make sure you RSVP over on Upcoming so they know how much food to get and drop a comment there if you’re a vegan or vegetarian.

This coming Wednesday is shaping up to be another busy one here in Portland, right before a horde of locals head off to SXSW.

Checking Calagator, there’s a squareup over at Pioneer Courthouse Square, home to the newly opened Studio on the Square, at 4:30, which overlaps a bit with the monthly game of Portland Werewolf at the Lucky Lab on Hawthorne (Upcoming).

You’re on your own between Lunch 2.0 and the squareup, but I’m sure you’ll find something to keep yourself busy.

In other Lunch 2.0 news, TechShop Portland has moved its Lunch 2.0 date from March 25 to April 22. I’ve updated Upcoming and Calagator accordingly.

Don’t forget these Lunch 2.0s, coming soon:

March 11 at OpenSourcery
April 8 hosted by MioWorks at the Green Dragon
April 22 at TechShop Portland in Beaverton
May 20 hosted by WebVisions at the Oregon Convention Center

I say this every time, and I mean it: big thanks to all the hosts who have hosted or plan to host Lunch 2.0. Drop a comment (or tweet @jkuramot) if you want information about hosting one. It’s easy.


OpenSourcery has open gigs

OpenSourceryOr should that read “OpenSourcery has open open gigs”?

Whatever the case, Portland-based OpenSourcery, an open source development shop that also tries to be as green as it can be, has open positions it’s trying to fill.

At a time when the news is all-too-full of layoffs and dire economic forecasts, it’s incredibly uplifting to see an open source company looking to expand its staff—especially a company that so quintessentially reflects the ideals of the Portland community.

So what’s up for grabs? I’m glad you asked.

Not interested in working there? No problem. You can still come have lunch with us there, next year.

For more information on the company and the available positions, visit OpenSourcery.

Lunch 2.0 at OpenSourcery

Have you sensed something missing in your life this month?

It’s Lunch 2.0.

Usually, this is about the time when I remind you to check out the monthly Lunch 2.0, generously hosted by one of the many great Portland (or suburban) hosts who open their doors for good conversation, networking and free food.

Not so this month, since I’ve decided to take a break. Fine maybe you’re too busy with Holiday stuff or watching Rick on KGW Live @ 7 (w00t!) to notice, but in case you were jonesing for that sweet Lunch 2.0 nectar, here comes another announcement.

Thanks to Amye Scavarda and the good folks at OpenSourcery, you can plan on another Lunch 2.0 in March, the 11th to be exact.

opensourcery.pngHere are the details:

Hosts: OpenSourcery

Where: 1636 NW Lovejoy St, Portland, OR 97209

When: March 11, 2009 from 12:00 PM to 2:00 PM

Please RSVP on Upcoming so the hosts can get an idea of how much grub to get. If you’re vegetarian or vegan, drop a comment on the event page for planning, unless you don’t want to eat.

OpenSourcery recently moved into new offices on NW Lovejoy, and they want to have an office-warming, Lunch 2.0. From their About page:

In December of 2008 we moved our offices into the Lovejoy Building at SW Lovejoy and 17th Street. The Lovejoy Building is LEED Gold certified, with a host of design features that reduce OpenSourcery’s impact on the environment. Originally built in 1910, the edifice has since been renovated by Opsis Architecture so that every feature — including lighting, mechanical/electrical systems, heating, cooling, nightly air flushing, and the materials that went into construction — contributes to our commitment to sustainable practices. The ample bike parking and easy access to public transportation don’t hurt, either.

I’m pretty sure it’s NW, not SW. Anyway, the new digs reflect OpenSourcery’s commitment to open and sustainable business. Check them out here if you want to do some research before March.

Upcoming Portland Lunch 2.0s