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Former founder returns to the Portland startup community as cofounder and CEO of a new pursuit: Metrist

In the early days of the SaaS and Cloud-based version of the Portland startup community, Jeff Martens was one of the more active, engaged, and recognizable figures in the community. His first startup — a product of Portland Startup Weekend called CPUsage — created a service that provided on-demand high-performance computing services to customers by leveraging idle time on vast arrays of participating machines.

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REMINDER: Portland Startup Weekend Latino takes place this weekend

Used to be that Portland had a regular cadence around Startup Weekend. And while that cadence seems to have slowed, we still have our fair share of amazing opportunities for would-be founders to engage with a host of mentors in an effort to test their startup concepts. In fact, there’s exactly that opportunity this weekend with Portland Startup Weekend Latino.

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It's like a startup education for those interested in startups for education

While there is no single noisy startup industry in Portland, there are any number of quietly growing areas of focus in town. One of the ones that shows a great deal of promise—thanks to a combination of experienced and established companies and new upstarts—is educational technology or edtech. And now, folks who are curious about that sector have the chance to experience it firsthand with Portland Startup Weekend EDU. Read More

A Startup Weekend that reflects Portland's successes: Portland Startup Weekend B2B

It’s no secret. Portland is a behind the scenes, business to business kind of town. Our most successful startups tend to be the names bandied about developer break rooms and user groups rather than household names. But that’s just fine. We’re good at that. And it fits our culture. And now, we have a Startup Weekend to reflect that strength: Portland Startup Weekend B2B. Read More

Next week you could have a new startup: Portland Startup Weekend, November 14-16

One of the longest running—and arguably most successful—events in the Portland startup scene is Portland Startup Weekend, an event that regularly brings together everyone from people with ideas to the technologists at some of the largest tech companies in town. All in the name of building something awesome over a 54 hour period. And the next one is coming up November 14-16. Read More

Portland Startup Weekend: Bigger, better, and more diverse

It was another amazing weekend for the Portland Startup Weekend crew. And this time around? It was more diverse than ever. More than 133 entrepreneurs saw 71 pitches at the beginning of the weekend; 12% of the folks were women, 30% of the teams were led by women, and there were two 15 year olds pitching. Read More