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I want to buy this. At this price. Tell me when that happens. Salemarked does, simply and elegantly

Enter Salemarked. A Web browser bookmarklet that allows users to select a specific item, set the price at which they would buy that item, and request an alert when that item actually reaches that sale price.

There are always the stories. You know. About the startups that made it. That cashed out big. That spawned another hundred startups. But what about the ones that fail? What do they spawn? Well, if it’s Oklahoma transplant Vidoop—which had a much celebrated move to Portland followed by a spectacular flame out—the answer is quite a bit.

Without the fall of Vidoop, there might not have been Bac’n, Urban Airship, What Spot Now, or some excellent design work at Spotlight Mobile. And there might not have been the latest project from former-Vidooper Koes Bong, a little project called Salemarked. Read More

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