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Calendar concerns? Portland’s Reclaim.ai has raised $4.8 million to help you tame your schedule with AI

The promise of Artificial Intelligence has been a pipe dream for some time. Artificial assistants who help us in our day to day lives — and who help us augment our knowledge in new and interesting ways. We’ve only seen a glimmer of the potential of AI. But one Portland company has hit upon a very practical and compelling use of AI: managing your schedule. Meet Reclaim.ai.

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Get your schedule on: Portland Startup Week 2016 releases preliminary schedule

I know. I know. I realize that most of you won’t make decisions about what Portland Startup Week events you’ll be attending until week of—some of you, day of. But just in case you want to do some preplanning, the preliminary Portland Startup Week schedule is available for your planning pleasure. Read More

Is your schedule open? Open Source Bridge and OSCON release final schedules for 2010

What kind of goodness, you ask? Well, each event Open Source Bridge 2010 and OSCON 2010 just released its final schedule so why don’t we take a look?

If there’s one thing people think of when they think of summer in Portland, Oregon, it’s beer. But once they stop thinking about that, they usually start thinking about all of the awesome tech events that take place here over the summer. And then they probably go back to thinking about beer.

Be that as it may. If you’re into open source, there is no better place to be this summer than Portland, where Open Source Bridge and OSCON will be filling the Rose City with all sorts of open source goodness. Read More