Calendar concerns? Portland’s Reclaim.ai has raised $4.8 million to help you tame your schedule with AI

The promise of Artificial Intelligence has been a pipe dream for some time. Artificial assistants who help us in our day to day lives — and who help us augment our knowledge in new and interesting ways. We’ve only seen a glimmer of the potential of AI. But one Portland company has hit upon a very practical and compelling use of AI: managing your schedule. Meet Reclaim.ai.

Cofounded by Patrick Lightbody, whom you may remember as the creator of BrowserMob, a Portland startup that was acquired by NeuStar, Reclaim.ai seeks to be the AI that understands you and the way you work.

Your workweek is always changing, but Reclaim has your back. When you reprioritize your goals or your schedule changes, Reclaim rebalances your entire agenda for you — just like a great assistant would. No more late night calendar sessions.

And now, they have even more fuel in the tank to help you wrangle your schedule. You see, Reclaim.ai just raised $4.8 million in Seed funding.

Over two years ago, we embarked on a mission to radically transform how people, teams, and companies manage their time. Today, we’re excited to announce that we’ve closed $4.8M in funding led by Index Ventures and co-led by a diverse group of incredible investors to help us accelerate and achieve this mission.

Flying Fish, which has been extremely active in Portland investments as of late, and the Tope Awotono, the founder of Calendly, were among the investors participating in this round.

For more information, visit Reclaim.ai.

[Hat tip Dylan Boyd]