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Within arm's reach: New SDK from OnTheGo Platforms promises to make gesture recognition accessible to Google Glass apps

If you’ve ever mucked around with Google Glass, Siri—heck, any voice-command driven interface—you realize that communicating with our intelligent object friends can sometimes be a lesson in futility. But now, the next time these moments of fist-shaking Glass frustration occur, you may find that you can actually put those gestures to good use. Thanks to Ari, the new Augmented Reality Interface SDK from Portland’s OnTheGo Platforms. Read More

Finding that perfect holiday gift just got easier, thanks to Macy's and the new Meridian SDKs

While they might not be able to give you hints on what to get your friends and family, Macy’s and Portland based Meridian just made it a heck of lot easier to find your way around the store, itself. Read More

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