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Portland-based GetListed gets acquired by Seattle-based SEOmoz

Apparently, this whole holiday shopping frenzy has startups looking for interesting deals on acquisitions. Urban Airship announced they had picked up Tello, earlier today. And now SEOmoz has grabbed Portland’s GetListed. Read More

Field trip: Portland's Glider (formerly Superbly) and the rest of TechStars Seattle Demo Day 2012

I accompanied a number of Portland folks who took a trip north to attend TechStars Seattle Demo Day, where Portland company Glider—formerly known as Superbly, a Portland Seed Fund and Portland Startup Weekend alum—and nine other companies took the stage to pitch their products. Read More

Startup Curious? Join our friends at GeekWire for Seattle 2.0 Startup Day, September 22

Someone way smarter than me once said, “The journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single step.” Well, if you’re thinking about doing a startup but haven’t quite managed to step off that cliff, then your first step might want to be pointed in the direction of Startup Day. Read More

Seattle field trip: Microsoft Accelerator for Kinect Demo Day powered by TechStars

Every once in awhile, it’s nice to get out of Portland to see what’s going on in other towns. And other startup scenes. Thursday, I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to attend the Microsoft Accelerator for Kinect Demo Day, a startup accelerator partnership between Microsoft and TechStars. Read More

Geeks on a Train: Join Dave McClure and your peers from Portland and Seattle for a trip to Vancouver (No, the other one)

Most days, we’re all so heads down that we don’t get the opportunity to chat with our peers. And it’s even more rare for that to occur with our peers in Seattle. That’s why events are always a welcome opportunity to catch up. Read More

Portland to Seattle with wifi, power outlets, and legroom? I’d buy that for a dollar

Portland and Seattle, while similar and complementary, are usually just far enough away from one another to make it a pain in the ass to get between the two towns. But that may be changing. At a price startups can afford—with amenities to boot.

Introducing BoltBus. Read More

Seattle’s Redfin has a growing Portland presence—and $14.8 million in additional funding to help build it

It’s always great to hear about companies headquartered in Portland getting funding. But you know what else is great? Companies with branch offices in Portland getting funding—especially when they’re growing branch offices.

Such is the case with Seattle-based Redfin, which just landed $14.8 million in funding, part of which will be used to increase the size of their Portland footprint. Read More

Portland Timbers vs Seattle Sounders: Be expecting a guest post on Portland from Geekwire’s John Cook, next week

You know the Portland Timbers Army and the Portland tech scene go together like… um… like… Well they go together. Really well. And as luck would have it, the same thing holds true for Seattle. Their tech scene is pretty deeply immersed in the Seattle Sounders Emerald City Supporters too.

Well, respective tech scenes. Your favorite teams are facing off this weekend. That’s right. Portland Timbers versus the Seattle Sounders. And it’s a big game. So big that it’s in the Wall Street Journal. Read More

Dave Chase: 10 reasons I chose Portland over Seattle and Silicon Valley to locate my startup

It’s a blend of personal and business factors that drove the decision. The following are the reasons I selected Portland over Seattle and Silicon Valley

[HTML2][Editor’s Note: Today’s guest post comes from Dave Chase, a serial entrepreneur who chose Portland for his next startup. Why? Read on.]

I recently relocated to Portland to start my new venture. Though I grew up in Portland (and the Bay Area), I hadn’t lived in the area since the early 80’s and I no longer have family or close friends in Portland. Thus, in many regards, it’s a completely new city to me. Yet, it’s the place I’ve chosen for my new startup. Why? Read More

Advice on starting a startup: Seattle StartupDay 2010 helps pre-entrepreneurs step up or step out

[Editor’s note: Guest author David Abramowski joins us from Seattle with his recap of StartupDay 2010. You may remember David from his days in Portland as the CEO of MioWorks. Most likely from his popular post on the reasons he had to shutter the project. For more, follow him on his blog, Inner Lining. Now, let’s get to his recap…]

The fear of the unknown can be paralyzing. It can keep you from taking a first step in any direction. It can stop progress dead in its tracks and give you all the excuses in the world as to why not take the plunge. This fear grips many who have thought about being an entrepreneur throwing them into the analysis paralysis loop until the opportunity has passed them by and they can comfortably say “if only I…” Read More

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