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Pete Grillo talks Iterasi, startups, naming, investors, and getting the band back together

Talk to anyone about the Portland startup community and it will inevitably come back to one noticeable gap. No, I’m not talking about funding. I’m talking about the fact that we’re a tad short on entrepreneurs with successful exits. But they are here. If you can find them.

Pete Grillo is one of those entrepreneurs. He’s managed to successfully exit—twice. But that hasn’t stopped him from working on another startup—Iterasi—and advising other startups on how to play the game. Read More

Why is Portland a good town for startups?

You know me. I’ll rarely pass up a chance to champion Portland as the perfect place to start your startup. And if you read the blog, you know I’ll rarely pass up the opportunity to feature Portland startup darling Urban Airship, either. Throw in a Pete Grillo mention and I simply have to post.

But I was worried I was getting caught up in my fanboi-ness. So I let it sit for a week. Guess what? I still think it’s good stuff. So I’m running it. Here’s Scott Kveton, CEO of Urban Airship, on Portland, his company, and being an entrepreneur via Startup Weekly. Read More