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Portland culture club: Switchboard is about community

[Editor: Part of our ongoing series about company culture, written by employees of the company. AppNexus—who is building a regional office in Portland—kicked it off. Next up is Portland startup Switchboard. Sound like an awesome place to work? Switchboard is hiring.] Read More

From one Reedie to another: Switchboard inherits Demolicious Cup from fellow Reed alum at Knock

You just have to love Demolicious. I mean, where else can you get compelling demos of amazing startup technology—sometimes, even before it’s ready for prime time—in a really laid back and truly Portlandy competition? (Hint: You’re supposed to say “Nowhere!”) And last night, didn’t disappoint. Read More

Share the love: Switchboard offers early access to next generation of its community management service

Today’s the day for spreading a little love. And Portland startup Switchboard has taken it as a cue to share a little love of their own. By announcing early access to those who are interested in starting their own Switchboards. Read More

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