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What we can learn from design: TresPlace & Design

[Editor: It’s time for another installment in our ongoing series from TresPlace, a Portland startup who has offered to share their journey—good and bad—with Silicon Florist.] Read More

How I became a better entrepreneur by failing my first meeting with a VC

I faced a big challenge on Friday. It was TresPlace’s first formal pitch with an investor. I met with Tom Sperry, Managing Director of Rogue Venture Partners. It was a humbling experience. Read More

Firsthand account: Portland startup TresPlace wants to bring you along on their startup journey

[Editor: What’s it like to go through the ups and downs of startup life here in Portland? Well, you’re going to get a little inside look at exactly that. The folks at TresPlace, a very early stage startup here in Portland, have offered to take us along on their journey through a series of guest posts. This is the first post in that series from cofounder Ryan Wellert.] Read More

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