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#buy: Chirpify acquires Measureful

Portland’s Chirpify—one of the leading companies working to make social media more transactional through their #actiontags concept—has been busy transacting a deal of its own. They’ve acquired local startup Measureful, a startup focused on helping folks tell better stories around their Web traffic data. Read More

Gaza Sky Geeks: Portland's Rogue Venture Partners and Mercy Corps collaborate to form Gaza Strip startup accelerator

Portland’s startup ecosystem is still relatively immature. But that doesn’t mean that our current knowledge isn’t valuable to nascent startup scenes. Portland’s Rogue Venture Partners and Mercy Corps are hoping to share their knowledge overseas by standing up Gaza Sky Geeks in the Gaza Strip. Read More

How I became a better entrepreneur by failing my first meeting with a VC

I faced a big challenge on Friday. It was TresPlace’s first formal pitch with an investor. I met with Tom Sperry, Managing Director of Rogue Venture Partners. It was a humbling experience. Read More

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