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Eight steps to starting a company from OTBC

Starting a company can be challenging. That’s why the folks at Beaverton’s OTBC have put together their guidance on how to do it, providing a quick primer to help founders focus on the most critical steps in starting a company.

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Miss PIE Demo Day 2014? No worries. Here's all of the awesomeness without all of the chit chat.

While we always try to make PIE Demo Day an event for the community, it’s not always easy to break away from work to watch startup pitches. We get it. That’s why we livestream the whole thing. And one of the benefits of livestreaming is the fact that we can record all of the content at the same time. So if you thought you missed the event this year, you didn’t. Here are all of the pitches from PIE Demo Day 2014. Read More

Someone in Portland finally got their shit together: Sh*t Portlanders Say

I knew someone would get their respective acts together and make this happen. And wouldn’t you know it, it’s a bunch of folks from the startup scene.

So without further ado: Sh*t Portlanders Say. Read More

America’s Funniest Home videos + LOL cats = BlooperBox

It’s a well known fact that the Internet was created for two reasons: 1) To share videos of embarrassing moments and 2) To share pictures of cats. A close third is telling people what you had for lunch. But we’re not discussing that here. Read More

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