June 29th, 2009

Oregon Small Business Boost: July 1 means free business plan software for Oregon startups

Oregon Small Business Boost: July 1 means free business plan software for Oregon startups

For some, the hardest part of building a business plan is simply getting started. For others, it’s like doing taxes. It seems like it should be simple, but they want to make sure they don’t miss any steps. Others don’t even know where to begin.

That’s where products like Eugene-based Palo Alto Software’s Business Plan Pro can help by providing startups with guidance and instruction on building their business plans. And now, for one day only—July 1, 2009—Palo Alto software will be giving you the opportunity to get that assistance for free.

You read that correctly. In an effort to help Oregon startups get the support they need—and to help bolster the local economy—Palo Alto has decided to give away the very thing that pays their bills: Business Plan Pro.

Throughout Oregon, small-and medium-sized businesses are struggling to sustain growth, keep their staff intact, or even just remain open. They are searching for ways to run their businesses smarter and stronger. As an Oregon-based small business itself, Palo Alto Software wants to support other Oregon businesses and help as many as possible get through the current tough times and succeed.

With this in mind, we have initiated the Oregon Small Business Boost. On Wednesday, July 1st, any Oregon resident — business owners, planners, dreamers — can walk into one of over 70 giveaway locations all over Oregon, and pick up a free copy of our best-selling Business Plan Pro Premier Edition software.

Now, I must admit, it’s not all rainbows and unicorns. First, the software is only for Windows. So if you’re on a Mac or a flavor of Linux, get ready to boot up that virtual machine. Second, you have to pick up a physical certificate to activate the whole free thing. Third, despite my pleading and begging, there will be no free ponies.

But buck up little camper. There’s good news that far outweighs that so-so news. Let the rainbows and unicorns return. First, of course, is that it’s $200 worth of software for free. Second, there are a ton of Chambers and startup organizations helping out—including our friends over at OTBC and OEN. So there are all sorts of places for you to go get your certificate for the free download.

Just look.

View Oregon Small Business Boost Locations in a larger map

What are you getting for free? Well, it’s akin to the TurboTax of business plans.

Business Plan Pro has been helping businesses start and grow for over 15 years. As the world’s number-one selling business-planning software, Business Plan Pro is used by over 50 percent of Fortune 500 companies, taught at more than 800 universities, and trusted by federal organizations like the Small Business Administration and the Small Business Development Center network. In our 20 years of operation, Palo Alto Software has helped over 1 million customers.

Pretty cool, hunh?

So now you have no excuse for not getting that business plan in order. Or—if you’re a glass is half full kind of person—you’ve got a great opportunity to get that business plan built.

Get going. Take a look at the map and scout out the closest location. Then on July 1, head on over to that location and grab your certificate for your free business plan software. And make sure you hurry. They’re limiting the giveaway to 10,000 copies total.

For more information, read about Palo Alto’s Oregon Small Business Boost.

Good luck! I’ll be looking forward to reading your new business plan. Or plans, as the case may be.

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10 Responses to “Oregon Small Business Boost: July 1 means free business plan software for Oregon startups”

  1. JustinS says:

    >…any Oregon resident …

    Any idea if they’re going to be sticklers on that little caveat, or will us Vancouver types be able to play, too?

  2. Rick Turoczy says:

    @JustinS Hmm. That’s a good question. Hopefully, one of the Palo Alto folks will chime in on that one.

  3. james wllace says:

    Thanks for the heads up!

  4. Laura says:

    that is amazing – TIA! I have a half-worked plan that really needs attention. this would really help

  5. @JustinS,

    Yes, it’s a very good question. I wish I could say we’re going to throw this open for a “come one come all” but we’re a business too and we need to make sure our risk is somewhat limited.

    The regulations we’ve placed on the giveaway do say the event is for Oregon residents only. I know there’s a bit of overlap in the Vancouver/Portland area but we have to be a bit of a stickler this time. Sorry about that.

  6. JustinS says:

    No worries, Chelle. Thanks for clearing that up for us. We Vancouverites will just have to settle for stealing all the Portland jobs and women and babies and whatever else it is we get accused of all the time. :)

    Great thing that you’re doing, regardless.



  7. @JustinS


    Hey, if you happen upon a pony in your pillaging of Portland… I hear Rick’s looking for one.

  8. Rick Turoczy says:

    @Chelle Oh sure. Like you don’t want a pony. ;)

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