May 10th, 2010

When I’m writing about Beer and Blog this early in the week, it must be big (Hint: Twice as big)

When I’m writing about Beer and Blog this early in the week, it must be big (Hint: Twice as big)

So, you’ve heard of Beer and Blog, right? The weekly geek gathering that has become the de facto happy hour for the blogging and startup scene in Portland?

So have a lot of other folks. And that’s why, when people are visiting from out of town, they often try to stay over Friday night, so that they can get a chance to meet some of the folks from Portland. And what’s more? We try to woo them to Portland. It’s happened before. And there’s the chance that it could happen again this week, as the folks from Involver swing by Beer and Blog to kick Portland’s proverbial tires.

If you don’t know them, Involver is the leading creator of custom tabs and apps on Facebook. No, they don’t make Farmville type stuff. *Other* people use their services to make their own tabs and apps. And, business is booming for them. So much so, that they are expanding their offices and are scouting out Portland as a potential location! I told them we had a seriously under utilized pool of developer talent here and they want to see for themselves. Help us roll out the red carpet for these out of town potential employers so they have no choice but to open up shop somewhere in PDX.

I know, right? Don’t make me start claiming that Portland is in danger of becoming the de facto hub of Facebook tabs and apps.

And if you need a gig—or are looking for a new gig—you’re going to want to swing by. Because Involver is in the market for a number of different positions. And if they find enough cool folks here in Portland, that may make their decision that much easier. So if you’ve got Rails experience, MySQL chops, design expertise, or interface fu, it would be great to see you.

Can’t make it to Beer and Blog this Friday? No worries

So you’re booked on Friday but you’re still hoping to catch up with a few of the Beer and Blog faithful? Well you’re in luck. Because there’s a Beer and Blog tweetup on Thursday this week. What’s more, it includes soccer.

That’s right. Head on over to PGE Park for the Beer and Blog / Timbers Army tweetup.

As successfully executed last season, a Beer-and-Blog tweetup at a Portland Timbers match. The team is moving up to MLS next season, and the crowds are immense and rowdy and fun. Meet before the match for a beer at the Bitter End Pub or Cheerful Bullpen Tavern, then buy a general admission ticket at the gate and make your way to the North End of the stadium, where the Timbers Army reigns. (A good meetup spot is in the bleachers ABOVE the Army.) Afterparty = Koi Fusion/Spudnik carts at NW 20th and Burnside, then the Bitter End Pub. See you there!

So there you go. Two opportunities to experience the magic that is Beer and Blog. Lucky you.

For more information on the Timbers tweetup, see Calagator. For more on the regularly scheduled event, see Involver visits Beer and Blog.

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8 Responses to “When I’m writing about Beer and Blog this early in the week, it must be big (Hint: Twice as big)”

  1. Rick, most of those positions are in San Francisco. And I resent someone saying things like, “I told them we had a seriously under utilized pool of developer talent here.”

  2. Rick Turoczy says:

    @Ed They’re in San Francisco NOW, but maybe just maybe, once they get a gander at Portland, they’ll be here. Maybe.

  3. That’s all possible, sure, but I don’t like hearing the phrase “seriously under utilized pool of developer talent here”. I think it’s demeaning. It does look like a nice service, assuming, of course, that Facebook survives the apparent total lack of competence in their management. If I were advising Involver, I’d be pushing them to diversify away from a dependence on Facebook and try to link in with Twitter and Google. I think Facebook is on a collision course with reality, and reality bats last.

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