To-do: Name that stealthy Portland startup

It’s Friday. Isn’t it? It is right? I’ve kinda lost track of time.

What’s that? It is? Okay, great. In Portland, too? Okay, cool.


It’s Friday, so why not give yourself a little treat?

Ryan Williams of NetworthIQ fame has a new project in the works. It’s stealth. Super stealth.

Well, that’s what I’m claiming, anyway. Because the project doesn’t have a name. And in my book, you can’t be much more stealth than that.

Worse yet? He doesn’t quite know what to call it.

So you get to help.

Which is the best domain name for a site that aggregates feeds from traditional and social sites for a city?

  • socialmetro.com
  • metbuzz.com
  • vibelocal.com
  • localsignal.com

Exercise your inner-entrepreneur—or your outer one for that matter—by swinging by Ryan’s blog, Web things considered, and placing your vote. Or suggesting a new name.

[Update] Ryan was nice enough to drop by a provide a link to the work-in-progress. Might provide a little more inspiration for your vote.

  1. […] application developer Ryan Williams’ formerly-yet-to-be-named news tool now has both a name, Local Signal, and some publicly available […]

  2. @Ryan Thanks for posting that link. I’ll add it to the post, above.

  3. I like the goboz concept too, and think it will be a great source my project. I’m trying to reach out a little further to see if there’s other interesting tidbits for a city. As for planning vs. doing, it’s functional now, just need to put the final UI in and find a home (name-wise) for it.

    While we’re at it, I’d invite you to take a look and let me know what you think:

  4. Hey Rick, thanks for the post. Hopefully I’ll get a good number of votes now. I wouldn’t exactly consider it a “startup” more a fun project to play with some ideas. The concept is pretty simple, I like using single page aggregators (like popurls and originalsignal), and wanted one for easily keeping up with local news and interesting bits. Instead of just building a start page in Netvibes/PageFlakes/etc., I decided to build a system that anyone can use and for a number of cities. We’ll see how it turns out.

  5. here’s a great name, goboz.com

    And the way I see it, if it doesn’t have a name, it is just a pipe dream.

    99.99% of people plan, the other .01% do.

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