Blog like a pirate: Beer arrrrr Blog in St. Johns

Beer arrrr BlogIt’s an impromptu field-trip day for Beer and Blog as the head to St. Johns to celebrate Blog like a Pirate Day. Or Talk like a Pirate Day. Or whatever.

Um. Ahoy?

On this glorious day, Beer and Blog will be taking a field trip to the Leisure Public House. Here to tell you all about it is our St. Johns correspondent, mediaChick.

For mediachick’s five fantastic reasons for making the not-so-arduous trip north, see the Beer and Blog, um, blog. My favorite?

The miscellaneous, yet delightful, discoveries: jukebox, generous outside patio, ping-pong table, bocce, wifi, and a sleepy and snuggly pub cat.

For more information, details on the location, and to RSVP, see Beer and Blog on Upcoming.

  1. HerGorborassy June 11, 2009 at 2:18 pm

    visit us!

  2. Haha, I just now saw this sweet graphic! I wish I would have used this bad boy 😉

  3. We will miss you. 🙁 But completely understand. 🙂

  4. Unfortunately, no. 🙁

    My completely overbooked week of client work continues. Good news? I’ll likely still be sitting in this seat when it’s time for @ahockley on http://www.strangelovelive.com

  5. Tank youse for the plug! Joining us?

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