Month: September 2008

Silicon Florist’s links arrangement for September 02

Lifestreaming – Why it’s important, and why you should do it.

Drew Olanoff writes “Think of Strands as a water cooler that doesn’t go away. The office is there for you, the water is plentiful, and the people there are cool as hell and have something to talk about at all times.”

Community Manager Compensation Study

Dawn Foster writes “I’ve mentioned before about how great it is that ForumOne does focused, relevant, and interesting research on the online community market, and their most recent report is no exception. They just released the Online Community Compensation Study results a week ago. Since I participated in the study, I was able to get a free copy of the entire report, but Bill does a great job of summarizing the key points in his blog post.”

Google Chrome added to browser detection | Clicky Blog

Via the Clicky blog “Today Google released their new browser, Google Chrome, and we’ve already added support for it into Clicky, as can be seen by the screenshot below.”

Must Read Blogs for Startup Success

Via the Under the Radar blog “Instead of popping pills, a founder’s preferred uppers and downers are aspartame (Coca Cola) and carbs (pepperoni pizza); and instead of the phsych ward or the DSM, entrepreneurs turn to their local pub and follow bloggers.”

Clicky Analytics Service Tracking 2% Google Chrome Usage

Via TechCrunch “Web analytics startup GetClicky says that almost 2% of all internet traffic to the 45,000 websites they monitor is coming from Google Chrome today.”

Portland Start-up Index for September 2008: Did Vidoop get lost on the Oregon Trail?

Didn’t we just have a Techvibes Portland Start-up Index a few weeks ago? Yes, we did. But Techvibes has decided to change the publication date, so we’ll be getting these at the beginning of the month.

Techvibes has changed a few other things, too.

And while the listings might be a little more cryptic now—and unfortunately lacking in indicators in regards to movement this time around—this effort continues to provide a interesting way to assess and discuss the local startup scene.

The biggest mover on this edition of the index? Pheedo rocketing up 33 slots to crack the top 20.

Strangest part of the new list? Vidoop has completely dropped off the index during the week that they’re relocating the entire company to Portland. NetworthIQ (acquired by Strands), MyOpenID (JanRain‘s OpenID relying party), and Workplace2go also disappeared from the list.

Portland Start-up Index for September 2008

  1. AboutUs
  2. MetaFilter
  3. Kongregate
  4. Discogs
  5. Digital Trends
  6. COLOURlovers
  7. Frappr!
  8. Jive Software
  9. SplashCast
  10. Platial
  11. Clicky
  12. Pheedo
  13. Earth Class Mail
  14. Sandy
  15. Gone Raw
  16. eROI
  17. Stikkit
  18. Attensa
  19. Active Reload
  20. Walker Tracker
  21. Grabb.it
  22. GadgetTrak
  23. iovation
  24. UrbanDrinks
  25. KnitMap
  26. Pibb
  27. ChoiceA
  28. Art Face Off
  29. LUNARR
  30. WeoGeo
  31. Iterasi
  32. FreeRange
  33. fmyi
  34. GoLife Mobile
  35. Rocketbook
  36. Picktastic
  37. Kryptiq
  38. Jama Software
  39. MomHub
  40. GreenRenter
  41. Goboz
  42. Lightfleet
  43. Imindi
  44. Cendix
  45. Vocal Nation
  46. Box Populi
  47. GoSeeTell
  48. Collaborative Software Initiative
  49. YourList
  50. Techchex
  51. Avnera
  52. Kumquat
  53. IDP Solutions
  54. Worldwide Nest

As always, the official metrics can be found at Techvibes.

Interested in seeing your Portland-based company on this list? You now have an automated way to add it. And make sure to drop the Techvibes folks a note, too.

Morph Labs transforms into a Portland company

Morph LabsIt’s no secret that Portland continues to attract talent. But, lately, we’re seeing both the city and the Silicon Forest as a whole, attract companies, too.

Vidoop is in the midst of a road trip that will relocate the entire company here to the Rose City. WeoGeo is in the process of becoming a Portland company. And, now—as Dawn Foster revealed during Strange Love Live—I’m happy to report that Morph Labs now calls Portland their US headquarters.

And like recent transplants Intrigo, Morph Labs has already jumped in with both feet by sponsoring the last Legion of Tech Happy Hour.

So, what does Morph Labs do?

Well according to CEO David Abramowski:

Our product is really a combined service. It brings together people, process and technology to provide an on-demand solution for hosting and running web applications. We take away all of the “muck” of dealing with servers, operating systems, backups, monitoring and provide it at a very low cost subscription rate. We have a free developers account and our paid service starts at $1/day.

The Morph service relies on Amazon Web Services—both EC2 and S3—and currently supports Ruby on Rails, Java web applications and Grails applications. PHP and Python support are planned for later this year.

The company—originally founded in the Philippines—has 35 employees, eight of whom reside in the US. But they’re looking to grow. And no doubt, that’s part of the appeal of Portland.

I’m looking forward to running into the Morph folks soon. If you beat me to it, please welcome them to town.

Morph Labs is the leading provider of Platform as a Service (PaaS) that virtualizes the application environment through the use of open source technologies to simplify the deployment, delivery, and management of Web based applications. They use virtual infrastructures including Amazon Web Services to provide a truly elastic environment for Web applications that can be instantly provisioned and seamlessly scaled. For more information, visit Morph Labs.

Galois grabs Martin Wehner, new office

GaloisPortland-based Galois has snapped up Martin Wehner for a business development position they’re calling “Client Caretaker / Offer Builder.” Wehner comes to Galois from Jive Software.


Never heard of Galois? You’re not alone. And Martin will be working to help fix that. (In fact, he’s already convinced them to show up at Beer and Blog Blog and Beer.)

So what do they do?

Galois creates trustworthiness in critical systems by taking blue-sky ideas and turning them into real-world technology solutions. Galois tackles challenging Information Assurance problems that have significant impact on society in areas like privacy, security, and safety.

Would you like to learn more? Well, you’re in luck, my friend.

Galois just relocated to the historic Commonwealth Building in downtown Portland. And to warm up the new space, they will be hosting an open house on Thursday, September 18 from 4:00 – 6:00 pm at 421 SW Sixth Avenue, Suite 300. For more information or to RSVP, see Upcoming.

Galois technology is about enabling secure collaboration, providing customers new capabilities in the areas of Web 2.0, cross-domain solutions, and communications security. For more information, visit Galois.

Silicon Florist’s links arrangement for September 01

SarahLacy.com: UGBT: Seattle-Portland De-Co

Sarah Lacy writes “Portland gets super points for coming out for a Sunday Tweet-up that got moved at the last minute and was in the wake of the exhausting Gnomedex. THAT was impressive.”

Strange Love: strange love episodes: openID & bacon with scott kveton

Cami Kaos writes “Thinking back to Friday night, when we recorded a Tech episode of Strange Love Live closely followed by an afterhours episode, it’s a bit of a blur. My memory, as well as my judgment may have been clouded by BACON.”

Techmeme Keyword Alert Pipe at Fast Wonder Blog: Consulting, Online Communities, and Social Media

Dawn Foster writes “Most of us have various feeds that we use to track where people are mentioning our company, products, industry or other areas of interest. It occurred to me that it might be a good idea to track articles hitting Techmeme that have a certain keyword in the title or description of the post. Eureka! The Techmeme Keyword Alert pipe is born.”

FundingUniverse Portland LivePitch- September 9 at Stoel Rives (Portland) (Tuesday September 9, 2008) – Upcoming

The audience at LivePitch receives $100 of “fake money” to “invest” in their favorite entrepreneurs, with prizes awarded to both a panel and audience favorite. There will be 60 minutes of pitching, and 30 minutes for general networking.