Portland’s Frenetic Friday: Get your rest because you’re crazy busy tomorrow

Your Friday is going to be—excuse the French—apeshit crazy packed, my friend. So make sure you get yourself all rested and whatnot.

It’s getting warmer. Portland types are starting to spend their afternoons outside. And as we look toward our upcoming three-day weekend, everything just seems to be winding down to a pleasant and relaxing lull, right?


Your Friday is going to be—excuse the French—apeshit crazy packed, my friend. So make sure you get yourself all rested and whatnot.

Don’t look at me like that. You know what I’m talking about. Just look at all this stuff you’re going to have to juggle…

Friday, 9:00 AM

Get your WebVisions experience started with Tara Hunt’s “Makin’ Whuffie” keynote.

Then keep with the WebVisions fun as long as you can, because this is the least frenetic your day is going to be.

And make sure to take some time to swing by the Strange Love Live WebVisions set, where they’re broadcasting from the tradeshow floor as they chat with interesting WebVisions types.

Friday, 4:00 PM

Head on over to the Green Dragon for Portland Beer and Blog.

Friday, 5:00 PM

Get ready to project to the audience as you prepare for “What the shit?” a series of dramatic Twitter readings. Also at the Green Dragon as part of Beer and Blog.

Friday, 6:00 PM

Sprint from your dramatic reading over to Willamette University for your glimpse inside the world of Portland Ten. No, not that Willamette, silly. The Willamette extension on Couch.

Bootstrapping Portland startups not exactly your cup of tea? No problem. But don’t think you get to rest on your laurels. Whatever those are.

You’re off to Show and Tell Portland at Substance. Where you’ll hear folks spend 10 minutes describing that on which they’re currently working. It’s like Twitter meets Ignite Portland.

Friday, 6:30 PM

Enough sitting still. Go heft an Ouzo shot or two, yell “Yiamas!” and smash plates with that giant purple octopus at the Greek Cusina for the WebVisions closing party.

Or if you’re still sitting at Beer and Blog, get moving. You’ve got to be at KGW The Square by 7:00.

Friday, 7:00 PM

Chew some gum or something because that Ouzo or beer breath may adversely impact your whuffie.

If you missed her WebVisions keynote, you can catch Tara Hunt at Souk for a reading and book signing of The Whuffie Factor.

Not going to Souk? Well then hopefully you’ve made it to The Square by now, because they’re live, my friend. No waiting for lollygaggers. No sir and/or ma’am as the case may be.

Friday, Free time

Done with whatever you were doing? Well, take a break. And get something to eat. Take a deep breath. Maybe stop to smell the roses.

Breathe in. Breathe out.

Done? Good.

Friday, 10-ish

Even though they’ve been broadcasting from WebVisions for two days straight, those crazy kids at Strange Love Live are going to have the always informative if not apoplectic Nate “@xolotl” Angell as a guest on the couch.

Friday, 11:59:59

Crash out and relax. You deserve it.

Get your rest, there’s more to come, next week.

(Hat tip to Portland Beer and Blog for composing a similarly packed post about our Frenetic Friday)

(Image courtesy jesse.millan. Used under Creative Commons.)

  1. Well … I’ve got it narrowed down to WebVisions, Portland Ten and an outfielder to be named later.

    Question: is it a piping unicyclist or a unicycling piper?

  2. I *love* the pic… says it all!

  3. I’d also suggest participating in Portland’s own #nofilterfriday on twitter to cleanse out the corporate political correctness cobwebs in preparation for the weekend party lifestyle.

    Although in hindsight tomorrow looks to be an unusually hectic day for Portvangelists of every bent.

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