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Strange Love Live + Conferences = Tech Love Live

Yes, yes. I know I go on and on about Strange Love Live. But c’mon. It’s a really good podcast. So good, in fact, that they’ve started taking the show on the road to conferences and events, like Cyborg Camp, BarCamp Portland, and WebVisions.

WebVisions was especially interesting thanks to an “open mic” format, where Cami Kaos spent time interviewing speakers and attendees—all day, every day. The only problem? It was one big stream.

The solution? Like Mugasha does with DJ sets, the Strange Love Live team has sliced and diced the conference stream into digestible chunks. What’s more, they’ve started a new site to house all of this ridiculously awesome content: Tech Love Live. Read More

Chris Messina on the history of #hashtags and more with #sll from #wv09

I’ve made no secret about my appreciation and affection for the Strange Love Live crew. I’m dead serious when I say it’s the best podcast in Portland, if not the world.

That said, if I have one piece of feedback for them, it’s “Get out of the basement!” And that’s exactly what they’ve begun to do. Now, they’re making regular appearances at local conferences—and getting interviews with some really cool folks.

At this year’s WebVisions, they had the opportunity to catch up with Chris Messina. During the interview Cami Kaos chats with Messina about the evolution of Twitter #hashtags, his affection for comics, and more. Read More

Portland’s Frenetic Friday: Get your rest because you’re crazy busy tomorrow

Your Friday is going to be—excuse the French—apeshit crazy packed, my friend. So make sure you get yourself all rested and whatnot.

It’s getting warmer. Portland types are starting to spend their afternoons outside. And as we look toward our upcoming three-day weekend, everything just seems to be winding down to a pleasant and relaxing lull, right?


Your Friday is going to be—excuse the French—apeshit crazy packed, my friend. So make sure you get yourself all rested and whatnot.

Don’t look at me like that. You know what I’m talking about. Just look at all this stuff you’re going to have to juggle… Read More

Every tweet counts: Vote for WebVisions Webvisionary People’s Choice Award

Tonight, WebVisions will hold its second Webvisionary Awards, but there’s still some work to do before that takes place: voting for the People’s Choice Award. Or I guess, more appropriately, tweeting for the People’s Choice.

Tweeting? That’s right. All of the votes for the People’s Choice will be cast via Twitter, the popular microblogging platform. Each entry has a short code. Just send a direct message—that’s a d not an @—to @wv09 with that short code and your vote will be counted.

Sad you’re not attending WebVisions? You can still get into the Webvisionary Awards—because it’s open to the public.

So who needs your votes? Read More