memePDX: Portland tech news for those short on time and/or attention

Anyone who has spent any time around Silicon Florist realizes that I tend to be a little longwinded. And that’s putting it lightly. Brevity? Not my strong suit. And for many, reading through my lengthy posts isn’t the preferred way of getting their tech news.

So, I’ve been thinking about ways to get you more of the news you want with less effort on your part. And a different form of media seemed to be the best way to do it. So I begged started talking to the Strange Love Live folks and after a series of tantrums and crying fits on my part discussions, they finally agreed to help.

The result? memePDX.

memePDX will be a quick (less than 30 minutes) video and audio podcast that we’ll record and run on a weekly basis. The focus will be local tech and startup stories—strange, I realize—and a smattering of larger national and international tech stories. It will be hosted by Cami Kaos of Strange Love Live and me. And it will be produced by Dr. Normal of Strange Love Live.

That’s about all we know. It may or may not have guests. It may or may not be broadcast live. It may be worth your time. It may not.

Long story short, it’s the Silicon Florist podcast, only better.

But a picture is worth a thousand words and whatnot. So here’s the first, albeit rough, episode. It would be awesome if you’d take a few minutes to watch and leave some feedback.


This week, we talk about PositivePress from Iterasi, KATU parent company gets into hyperlocal blogging, Mugasha coming out of private beta, Gnomedex, and David Recordon joining Facebook.

More into audio than video? You can listen to memePDX here.

Interested in staying up-to-date on memePDX? Well, you can always check-in here or you can follow memePDX on Twitter.

  1. […] Silicon Florist memePDX: Portland tech news for those short on time and/or attention […]

  2. And to think that just a couple of weeks ago when you were on SLL I said to myself “hey, wouldn’t it be cool if Rick and Cami did a show?” (though I was careful not to say it out loud because that would be indicative of some kind of disorder as there was no one else in the room at the time).

    Thought it was great and looking forward to more.

  3. I, FWIW, think it’s great… nice work gang!! πŸ™‚ (Tho the “undisclosed secret location” looks a lot like the #SLL bunker… err, studios.)

  4. I picked up memePDX audio off my Silicon Florist iTunes RSS feed. Search Silicon Florist or Turoczy in Podcasts and you’ll find the audio version.

    Also, http://siliconflorist.blip.tv has an iTunes and RSS subscriber links in the main page (below the player screen). πŸ™‚

  5. Where’s the RSS Feed so I can put it in iTunes?

  6. Great, but where’s the feed so I can fit it into the rest of my media consumption habits? πŸ˜‰ Two links to twitter but none to iTunes.

  7. Good work! I will definitely subscribe on iTunes and tune in. Maybe I watch too many political shows, but I’d swap out Beethoven’s 9th – makes me think Countdown. Interesting stuff.

  8. Great idea – I put this on a secondary monitor while finishing some CSS work this evening – something definitely not possible while reading RSS feeds. Once this is on iTunes, it will certainly be on my subscription list to listen to on my commutes.

    Hooray for more podcasts coming out of PDX.

  9. Seriously though, I like the idea, but maybe you should look at something like GeekBrief TV for ideas on how to be succinct.

  10. How is a 30 minute podcast more brief than a blog article?

  11. Awesome, more content=more better. Good work Rick and Cami! I mostly liked the part about me πŸ˜‰

  12. @jmartens If you can read all of the blog posts and links for a week in less time than it takes to listen to this podcast, then I want the name of your speed reading course. πŸ˜‰

  13. No, silly! You can download the audio podcast and listen to it from your car stereo via your iPhone while you drive to the coast this weekend.

    Or listen to it from the aforementioned mobile device while you watch waves crash on the beach & sip your glass of wine.

    That’s *my* plan, anyway…!

  14. So if I don’t have time to read your blog posts, I should tune into a 30 minute long video podcast?

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