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Mr. Recordon goes to Washington: Portland native named Director of IT for the White House

File under “We knew him when…” It’s always nice when someone from the Portland tech scene makes a splash on a bigger stage. And this time, it couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy. Former Portlander David Recordon—known to many of us by his online moniker daveman692—has been named the Director of IT for the White House. Read More

memePDX: Portland tech news for those short on time and/or attention

Anyone who has spent any time around Silicon Florist realizes that I tend to be a little longwinded. And that’s putting it lightly. Brevity? Not my strong suit. And for many, reading through my lengthy posts isn’t the preferred way of getting their tech news.

So, I’ve been thinking about ways to get you more of the news you want with less effort on your part. And a different form of media seemed to be the best way to do it. So I begged started talking to the Strange Love Live folks and after a series of tantrums and crying fits on my part discussions, they finally agreed to help.

The result? memePDX. Read More

Strange Love Live + Conferences = Tech Love Live

Yes, yes. I know I go on and on about Strange Love Live. But c’mon. It’s a really good podcast. So good, in fact, that they’ve started taking the show on the road to conferences and events, like Cyborg Camp, BarCamp Portland, and WebVisions.

WebVisions was especially interesting thanks to an “open mic” format, where Cami Kaos spent time interviewing speakers and attendees—all day, every day. The only problem? It was one big stream.

The solution? Like Mugasha does with DJ sets, the Strange Love Live team has sliced and diced the conference stream into digestible chunks. What’s more, they’ve started a new site to house all of this ridiculously awesome content: Tech Love Live. Read More

OpenID curious? Portland contingent on RWW Live can help

OpenIDI like to proffer that Portland, Oregon, is the hub of OpenID (whether it’s true or not). That’s why I love days like today that only add credence to my assertion.

Today, RWW Live—the podcast for ReadWriteWeb—will be focused on OpenID. As such, it will be pulling in a whole bunch of Portland connections to participate.

But just how much Portland-associated influence will there be on the show? Well, we’re lucky to have some of the heavy hitters from the world of OpenID—and Portland—in attendance. Brian Kissel of Portland-based JanRain, Scott Kveton of Portland-based Vidoop, Chris “@factoryjoe” Messina of Vidoop (who doesn’t live in Portland, but thankfully, travels up here on a regular basis), and David Recordon of Six Apart (who is originally from Portland). And, of course, Marshall Kirkpatrick, who heads up ReadWriteWeb content development, is a Portland resident, as well.

That’s a lot of Portland. And a lot of OpenID knowledge.

Today, the group will be discussing ideas for increasing adoption of OpenID, plans for the OpenID Foundation, and opinions on Google Friend Connect and Facebook Connect. If there’s a topic you’d like to propose, visit the RWW Live post to offer it as potential discussion point or throw it out in the chat room during the call.

Speaking of chat rooms… it would probably be wise to tell you how to participate:

The show will be broadcast LIVE at 3.30pm PST Monday (6.30pm EST). We invite you to tune in and interact with us via the chat, by clicking here. You can also use the Calliflower Facebook app to listen and participate.

Can’t make the show? No worries. RWW Live is a podcast, after all. You can always listen to the discussion by heading over to ReadWriteTalk, the archive of all ReadWriteWeb podcasts.

So whether you’re saying “Open wha…?”, a staunch OpenID proponent, or an OpenID opponent, it would be well worth your time to swing by the podcast and hear these knowledgeable folks talk about the future of managing your identity on the Web.