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Regional office region: Apple ups its Portland ante and Square takes out significant square footage

There’s an argument that headquarters define the viability of a business community. And Portland has done okay in that regard. But I always felt that we could adjust the conversation. To promote the viability of a community by the regional offices it hosted. I mean, one of our largest employers is a regional office. So it what if we focused on that? Playing to our strengthens, as it were.

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If you listen to one podcast this week, make it this one

You know how sometimes things on the Internet just blow up in the most positive of ways? And every so often, a Portland person gets inextricably tied to the ongoings in a way that not only furthers the conversations, but genuinely reflects the amazing caliber of founders that we have in our midst? Well that’s what happened late last week with a tweetstorm from David Heinemeier Hansson, the creator of Ruby on Rails and cofounder of Basecamp (nee 37signals) about the Apple Card credit selection algorithm. And Portland founder Mara Zepeda wound up as part of the conversation.

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Why does the Apple App Store keep rejecting this demo from Portland startup Torch?

Everyone knows that Apple can be a little stringent when it comes to approving applications and content for the App Store. So it’s no surprise that Portland startup Torch has had to make a couple of attempts to get some content approved. But the reason they’re getting rejected? That’s what’s interesting.

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“Siri, install Air Dictate 2.” “I’m afraid I can’t do that.”

One of the most nebulous areas in all of mobile application development has to be the Apple App Store approval process. And yet again, that weirdness is hitting a little too close to home.

Portland-based Avatron—makers of awesome mobile apps like Air Sharing and Air Display—have been challenged to get their latest app, Air Dictate, into the App Store. Read More

ActiveTrak’s Ken Westin chats with KGW about unencrypted Apple iPhone tracking logs

Unless you’ve been under a rock—and without your iPhone—for the past few days, you’ve no doubt heard about the now infamous Apple iPhone tracking logs that are held on your phone and your computer, unencrypted.

Sure. You check into Foursquare, Gowalla, and Facebook Places. And you visit sites on the Web. And you turn on GPS to use maps. And you make calls that bounce off of specific cell towers. But little did you know, your location was also being logged by your phone. Read More

In Portland, people are primarily positive about the Apple iPad

I asked some folks from the Portland startup community—who also happen to be proud new iPad owners—to give me their first impressions on this magical new way of computing.

One of the biggest tech stories in Portland—or anywhere for that matter—this week has been the launch of the Apple iPad, a new “magical” device that—when announced—was purported to change the way we compute, work, and play.

But now that the iPad is actually in owners’ hands, how are people feeling about it? I asked some folks from the Portland startup community—who also happen to be proud new iPad owners—to give me their first impressions on this magical new way of computing. Read More

Blogging, open source, and now mobile: Small Society Apple iPad app furthers Portland’s love affair with WordPress

Well, now you can. Because Portland-based Small Society teamed with Automattic—the WordPress folks—to build an Apple iPad app for WordPress.

You may have heard that Apple is releasing a new piece of hardware on Saturday, April 3. No it’s true. It’s a little tablet thingamajig. Like a big iPhone. And people around here seem pretty excited about it. Because Portland loves technology.

Know what else Portland loves? Blogging. And when it comes to blogging, there’s one blog platform that Portland loves more than any other: WordPress. Which got me to thinking, what if you could combine that love of blogging with the love of this shiny new Apple iPad tablet? And how about throwing in some open source just for good measure? Read More