Month: October 2009

boco and a bit of the Boulder, Colorado, startup scene

While I love the Portland startup scene, it’s always nice to venture out to some other towns every now and again. Especially towns that are similar to Portland. With interesting startups and strong communities. To see what they’re doing and—hopefully—to borrow some other ideas about what we could be doing around here.

So when the opportunity availed itself to visit Boulder, Colorado—thanks to a brand new event called boco—I jumped at the chance. Read More

End Bloglessness: Help would be Portland bloggers become bloggers

[HTML1]Lots of folks want to start a blog. And while it may be easy for you—in all of your geeky awesomeness—to set up a blog and start blogging, it’s not that easy for everyone.

That’s why the folks at Beer and Blog have created End Bloglessness, a regular event that helps would-be bloggers become bloggers by helping them set up their own blogs.

Want to help someone else get involved in blogging and stuff? Here’s your chance, Sunday October 4 from noon to five. Read More

Top 10 Silicon Florist posts for September 2009

As we wrap up the summer and move into fall, things are starting to pick up here again in the Silicon Forest. Lots of startups doing lots of cool things—even the City of Portland is doing cool things with open source.

But what did you—the folks reading Silicon Florist—find most interesting? Well, here are the top 10 posts according to your peers—a combination of Web and RSS metrics—from Silicon Florist for September 2009. Take a look. Read More

memePDX 006: Igniting Portland and Bend, Portland is open, Small Society’s Starbucks and Zipcar apps, and more

It was a busy week around these parts for tech news, what with Ignite Portland shifting dates and Ignite Bend needing sponsors and Portland becoming an open city and Small Society releasing some cool apps and Ray King winning an OEN award. It’s surprising that we were able to cram it all into memePDX.

But we did. Because we respect your time. Sort of. So, without further ado, here’s the latest episode of memePDX. Read More